Paris Hilton Chanel?

  1. Just found this pic of the heiress and I think she's wearing a Chanel but not 100 per cent sure. Does anyone know which style it is? And the name?
    paris-chanel2.jpg paris-chanel1.jpg
  2. I don't know the bag , but that is one person I wish would not wear Chanel !
  3. try calling the London store at Bond St. I remember looking for an evening satin bag and after showing me a couple, the SA told me she has another one with a ribbon detail in the back room. I did not see it personally as it i was not keen on ribbon detail then... Not sure if it is the same one but they might have a clue....
  4. Ditto Sophia Lee!! When I saw the title of the thread I thought "Oh no, Paris Hilton is doing an ad campaign for Chanel." My heart skipped a beat (with dread)!
  5. hmm.. so its a Chanel? I personally don't think the bow is a Chanel style...but the chain strap and everything else points to Chanel...

    Im not sure ! :smile:
  6. She has her own handbag line out (I THINK) so it could be hers?!?!
  7. it's possible it's Chanel. They have soem obscure bags most of us have never seen before.
    AT NM this past weekend there were 3 bags I'd never seen before, one was siminlar to that but w/o the bow and had a round mirror on it.
  8. that might be from her line of bags or her sisters, paris carrys a pink - heart quilted one that i thought was chanel but it was from nicky hilton for ST...
  9. I'm not a chanel expert but when I first saw it it reminded me of something from Nicky Hilton's line
  10. Yup glad to see everyone see'in what I see...i dont think its a chanel...
  11. i don't think it is chanel. think it is from her own handbag line.
  12. Yeah it's either a Lovcat (which was the pink heart quilted one she carried before) or from her own new line.
  13. ^ the pink heart quilted one was from samantha thavasa