Paris Hilton Chanel

  1. Is this bag new for resort?
    paris chanel.jpg
  2. Seriously?! That looks way too much like Chanel to me...the pink one looks like what I'd imagine if Chanel were creating a line for tweens! You know what they say about immitation, but I don't buy it.
  3. yeah, i've seen her with a pink one as well,,,,,it's nicky's line i think.
  4. holy cow! did nicky lose her inspiration or something? they look almost exactly like the coco's croco reissues! eeeps. look-a-likes, tsk tsk.
  5. That definitely goes way beyond just being "inspired".
  6. they're inspired? gosh, they looks so much like Chanel - I thought they were Chanel.

    edit to add:
    (at the part of the lock) kinda looks like hermes bags without the lock
  7. thought they were Chanel too, what a copycat! Love Paris' hair though.
  8. :lol::nuts: Check out those knees. UUUGGGLLLYYYY.
  9. I think I'm really disturbed by these bags. Very blatant rip-offs. :tdown: Can't say I'm surprised, though. :rolleyes:
  10. LOL. The picture on the left was the day I met her. But yeah, I definitely thought it was a Chanel when I saw it!
  11. gosh now that really is scary then!
  12. Chanel did came out with a similar bag for spring...
  13. Total rip-offs.
  14. I actually stopped by the Samantha Thavasa boutique at the Tokyo airport and checked out their bags---horrible quality, the leather felt stiff, and some of the designs were quick tacky looking...given the price range they have, not worth the hype.