Paris Hilton brother arrested for DUI

  1. You would think he learned his lesson from his sister....

    Paris Hilton brother arrested for DUI

    48 minutes ago

    Another Hilton has landed in the gray-bar hotel.
    Paris Hilton's younger brother Barron Hilton was arrested Tuesday morning for allegedly driving under the influence, authorities said.
    Barron Hilton was held at the Malibu station of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. No other information was immediately available, said sheriff's Sgt. Diane Hecht.
    As word of his arrest spread, nearly a dozen paparazzi swarmed the sheriff's station.
    Paris Hilton pleaded no contest last year to alcohol-related reckless driving and was sentenced to 45 days in jail. The 26-year-old celebutante served a little more than two weeks.;_ylt=ArHipYTouLfURJAIFOlRa8tY24cA
  2. did he learn nothing from his sister? goodness gracious.

    its clear the Hiltons can't hold their liquor...hell, they dont even know how to drink
  3. Oh please, not another Hilton
  4. it runs in the family..
  5. Paris Hilton's Little Brother Arrested for DUI (With Updates)

    Like sister, like brother?
    [​IMG]'s 18-year-old younger brother, Barron Hilton, was arrested Tuesday morning on a charge of driving under the influence, authorities confirm.

    The younger Hilton was driving a black Mercedes on the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu when he was pulled over around 8:30 a.m., unnamed police sources tell[​IMG]. Barron is currently being booked at the Lost Hills Sheriff's station.

    Paris Hilton famously served time in jail[​IMG] last year for violating probation in an alcohol-related driving case. Hilton was charged with DUI[​IMG] in September 2006.


    Update #1: Barron's been officially booked and is currently being held on $5000 bail.

    Update #2: Police tell TMZ that no drugs or drug paraphernalia were found in Barron Hilton's car or on his person. They say at this point, it does not appear drugs are a factor.

    We're wondering ... WTF is this kid drinking at 8:30 AM to get popped for a DUI?!

    Update #3: Working at a Malibu 76 station can be hazardous to your health!

    TMZ has learned Barron Hilton rammed an employee at the 76 early this morning, just before his arrest for DUI.

    TMZ spoke to a cashier at the gas station this morning who told us Hilton "bumped" a worker at the station with his car, while the worker was at one of the pumps.

    While it's unknown how seriously the worker -- who may have just hit the Hilton jackpot -- was injured, we're told L.A. County Fire was not called to the scene.

    Update #4: A rep for Rick Hilton just gave TMZ a statement about Barron's DUI arrest:

    "I haven't been contacted yet by either my son or the police. If what I have heard is true, it is very disturbing and I will have a lot to say -- but it will be to my son, not the media."

    Update #5: Sources connected with Barron Hilton tell TMZ the kid, who lives at his parents' home, snuck out last night without telling anyone and didn't come home last night.

    The family has no idea where Barron went or who he was with.

    Barron's in a heap of trouble. If he's convicted, he faces a minimum license suspension of one year just for being a kid with a DUI. Of course, he could also go to jail. First timers, however, usually get probation.

    Update #6: The Sheriff's Department tells TMZ Barron Hilton registered at nearly twice the legal limit, even for people over 21.

    Spokesman Steve Whitmore tells us Barron blew a .14 blood alcohol reading.

    In California, .08 is considered legally intoxicated for drivers over 21. If they're under 21 -- Barron is 18 -- any blood alcohol level is considered legally drunk.

    Updates via TMZ[​IMG]
  6. I guess he was tired of only his sisters getting all the publicity!
  7. I can not for the life of me, understand why these people will not hire a driver?I don't get it :shrugs:
  8. shocker! :nogood:
  9. I'm not really shocked considering the track record of the Hilton family. What shocks me more is that he got pulled over at 8:30am...what the h*ll was he drinking that early in the morning??
  10. WTF is he doing drinking in the morning..
  11. what a surprise...

    i mean was anyone really surprised by this?
  12. Seriously! He got pulled over at 8:30 a.m.? Good Lord!
  13. There HAS to be another way of getting a little attention.. hold on a second while I brainstorm...

    Oh yes. There's also rehab which is very popular currently.

  14. Yes they should have a driver but even so he also shouldn't even be drinking what an idiot:hysteric:but that Paris.. what a role model for her brother
  15. 1. that gas station worker definitely hit the jackpot
    2. 830 am?! blood alcohol level of .14?! geezus!
    3. and i didnt even know the hilton sisters had a brother :push: