Paris Hilton and her LV bikini

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  2. That is very cute!
  3. i hope it's fake, because i doubt Louis Vuitton would ever make a bikini as hideous as that!

  4. it just looks hideous on paris....heheheh meow..
  5. Yea, I thought it was fake too LOL
    I wanted to see someone elses opinion

  6. sadly, its real
  7. i have both the black and white set... and i have the black with gold monogram set too.. Louis Vuitton does make bathing suit
  8. i'm not a PH fan, but i don't see anything wrong w/that picture. i like the bikini and think it's a nice cut. looks good on her too!
  9. that is real. south coast plaza had them last year.
  10. I really don't like Paris Hilton and her toes are hideous!...Only if I can mentally block out her head and her feet, then it's a thumbs up for the LV bathing suit! :biggrin:
  11. how much were they?
  12. I hate Paris but that is a cute suit.
  13. I think that's cute!
  14. I actually think she wears it quite well.
  15. nicky wore it too!
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