Paris Hilton and her addiction

  1. "Paris Hilton has been banned from her own casino and ordered into gambling rehab.

    The socialite's parents, Rick and Kathy, have barred her from playing in their Paris Hotel and Casino, which was named after her, after she gambled away her £100,000 ($178,000) Bentley car.

    Now the hotel heiress has been ordered by her parents to seek help for her alleged problem, according to Britain's Daily Star newspaper.

    The 25-year-old 'Simple Life' star developed her penchant for gambling after spending the last few months playing poker in Las Vegas tournaments with her
    sister Nicky.

    Paris revealed: "I'm obsessed with poker. It's my favourite game now. I'm lucky in Vegas. I always win."

    But her lucky streak ran out after she lost her Bentley GT in a high risk poker game.

    Paris agreed to stay away from the city's famous strip of casinos but has now reportedly taken up internet gambling to get her thrills."


    Not sure if that's true but sounds like something Paris would do...gamble away her car? WOW!
  2. I'm sure she'll just get another one to take its place. I'm sure she has a car in every color in the rainbow just like her bags.
  3. this addiction is not so risky for her....she changes handbags like a normal person changes his underwear!
  4. Nice try to keep her name in the news! Isn't Simple Life about to start? It's funny how she gets an addiction or a sex tape goes public right before the show is about to air!:wacko:
  5. LOL

    Same thing with tom Cruise - abusive father a few weeks ago...dyslexia a few years's always something with him.
  6. lol. sooo true.
  7. I thought the same thing too, it's all about publicity.Bad publicity is better than nothing at all.
    Always happen in Hollywood, if you hear something about some celebs guarantee she/he has movie/album/show/book is coming out.
  8. It's nothing to her even if her parents banned her. lol'......she can even defy her parents by having a sex videotape and so much so her parents doesn't seem to appear upset so much. What kind of values her parents instill in her when she was a child? Accompanying your child to a club while seeing your child dancing widly on the table like as if she's doing a morally right thing?
  9. I didn't even think of this as a publicity stunt, but I think you might be right :wacko:
  10. hhhhhhajahhahahhaa
  11. Yeah, Between Paris and the "Cruise clan," I figured it was just publicity stunts too. :sick:
    Wonder what Brangelina's due date coincides with? ;)
  12. Paris has way too much free time (and money) on her hands.
  13. ditto.

    she's a freakin nut case. she should've taken her ass to college and did something better with her poor pathetic life. what's the point in living when you don't have any real accomplishments? her perfume line and any other line doesn't really count because she has people working for her. i felt sorry for the girl when i saw the "simple life". it's amazing how much of the simple things she really doesn't know.