Paris Hermes sales report

  1. Hello ladies!

    I'm sorry I didn't post this before.

    Two days before the sales, I went to the Hermes near my office to ask about removal of ink from chevre (Wasn't too awake one day and wrote off the page). The SA dissapeared for ages and came back with my agenda PM. He told me I was really lucky it was a tiny recent stain because he managed to erase it with a common eraser (Hint:very gently try to lift the colour off then "brush" the surface - that's what he said. I wouldn't have dared try that.).
    We struck up a conversation and I asked them if they'd be closing for inventory before the sales. The SA told me that they would not be, as their sales were being held in another location in Paris.

    My eyes nearly bugged out when he told me where it was. He proceeded to say that it was spread only through word of mouth and was a "private" public event.

    The morning of the sales, I had to go to the Printemps first and on the way back, realised that I couldn't possibly go in the morning, as the queue was down to the corner of the block! I gave up and decided to go at lunchtime.
    Lunchtime took forever to roll around.

    When I got there, the queue was massive but not quite as bad as before.


    It took me 45 minutes to get in and I almost didn't get in because I'd grown thirsty and felt the need to run to the nearby Starbucks. Luckily enough, one of the ladies there had told the security guard I was coming AND she'd waited for me - I was really awed by her kindness.

    The security guard himself was quite knowledgeable and we chatted about bags and Hermes sales. Then he let me in.
    Inside was madness! There were people rushing here and there. So many one could hardly walk inside. I threw one glance at the shoes but I didn't see anything then headed directly for the scarves stand. There were so many to choose from, it was extremely difficult to choose. Unfortunatly, I didn't have unlimited funds.
    Two scarves held my attention more than the others:
    Hommage a l'explorateur Shackelton and a Christmas-themed scarf, filigreed with satiny threads.

    IMG_1622.jpg IMG_1623.jpg

    Next up, I picked up two twillies and a plisse but abandonned them in favour for the jewelry: Jumbo bracelet (black leather, ruthenium), Torsade (blue leather, silver) and a Pegasus.

    IMG_1550.jpg IMG_1552.jpg IMG_1554.jpg

    Then the small leather goods for a turquoise card holder (present for a friend, not pictured) and an apple keychain.


    Just as I was heading to the till, I asked about penguin ties and got two!!


    Finally, I queued for another 45 minutes and headed back to the office. ;)

    It was a fabulous experience that I can't wait to experience again. There were no major leather pieces, tons of clothes that I had no time to look at and a huge crowd. Every time I saw someone coming out, they had at least two huge bags crammed with scarves, small leather goods, big orange boxes...
  2. Thanks for the report. I felt like I was there! Thanks also for the pictures! :flowers: I love eveything you got!
  3. WOW!!! How fun!!! I love your new scarves, well all your things really. Thanks for sharing, I really enjoyed hearing about it. One day I hope I can go to a sale in Paris too.
  4. I wish it to you, it's really an awesome experience (even though it was very tiring and extremely hot).
  5. It is a great seems that different things go on sale at different locations. did you notice what other small leather goods and cadenas were for sale? In N.Y. there were no ties this year, and no real leather goods, but some garden bags in wool and herbags. thanks for the info and pictures.:flowers:
  6. how lucky you were able to go to a sale! i love your purchases!
    just curious, what were the prices like? 20% off?
  7. Thanks for the report Perja! Wonderful purchases! I wish I could have been there! Maybe one day, right Greentea;)
  8. There were some Herbags (saw at least two being passed over the counter), many ties... Most of the leather goods were tiny Post-it holders, Vibrato coin pouches (triangular ones), card holders (carious models), a bunch of agendas. Picture holders... A sort of canvas bag (not a Garden party...).
    Can't remember everything, it was over two weeks ago :smile:

    Scarves were too many to look at everything but for twillies and plisse, there was mostly abstract prints (H en fil, I think and dots).

    Cadenas available were Pegasus in silver and gold, elephant in gold, another one (not sure if it was the heart).

    Enamel bracelets, quite a few Kelly bracelets and stuff like that. Jumbo items

    Prices were between 20% and 70% off depending on items. But you have to go in with an open mind, not be looking for extremely specific items because you might be dissapointed. It was last year's and the years before collections.
  9. Thanx!:flowers:
  10. Thanks for the report Perja! Glad to see you back in the thread!

    Congrats on your new goodies!
  11. Congrats! All your purchases sound fabulous, I am green with envy...I'm going to the private sale in my local area as well but I doubt the selection will be anything like yours!
  12. Thanks La Van and kat99, I am sure that you will find something that will make your heart go va va voom!!
  13. Yeah Baby! :nuts:

    Perja, great story and beautiful treasures! I especially love the pegasus charm!
  14. Super story Perja...I can imagine the excitement.

    It made me think of these bridal sales...where they try to blow out dresses for $99...they ladies go nuts...long lines...excitement...

    Love your purchases. Enjoy
  15. Enjoy your new Hermes pieces, wish I could have been there... maybe some year. A trip in July to Paris would be lovely!