Paris Help...

  1. Hello all,

    Im planning a trip to Paris. Im thinking of visiting Paris by the end of September. I'd like to plan early and take notes of places to stay, eat..etc.

    And while there, I would like to take my chances in hoping to get my HAC/Birkin, and maybe another Evelyne. I would certainly and greatly appreciate it, if anyone of you ladies and guys help this Hermes loving guy obtain a fabulous souvenier to remember my first time trip to the City Of Lights. Please PM me with any ideas and recommendations. I would definitely be greatful to thee!!

    Of course..I plan to visit the famous Museums, Eiffel Tower and Versailles. I am planning early and I will stay in Paris for 7 days.

    Going to Hermes will be an icing on my vacation cake and hopefully obtaining my b'day gift come true. (psst..It was yesterday. And my gift for myself will be this trip in September!)
  2. HO
    glad to see more guys from this forum.
    end september to Paris is a great time to visit, as weather starts to get a little chilly, that you can prepare and dress into the air of Parisien!
    i have been travel to Paris twice a year for the last ten years and let me know in case if there are anything that you may want to know, in terms of Hermes or non-Hermes.
  3. Depending what size you are after, generally HAC is a little easier to obtain than Birkin (unless you are looking for the travel size like 50cm).
    It;s always better to go on a Monday or Tuesday either in the morning or after lunch (as they wont be as busy as throughout weekend).
    In case you dont see them anywhere on shelf, then you may ask for the SA to check if they have anything in the back room. Honestly they do receive Birkin from time to time (sometimes everyday or once a week or once every month) that depends on your luck. I would say since you will be there for a week, it's better that you visit several times and chances are better.
  4. yes, do a search on "paris" and you'll find lots of helpful info. good luck and have a great trip!
  5. happy belated birthday! have such fun in paris! i was there once for 4 days and it was not enough. esp because we wasted practically a whole day at versailles. yuck. reading socal's thread makes me desperate to go back!
  6. Thanks all. I am taking notes. Im in my pre-plan stages. I got my hotel and independent tour package planned. YES...I hope to get a HAC or Birkin 35cm and Evelyn there. I cant wait to see the history in Versailles and Eiffel tower.

    Does anyone out there would like to recommend a nice SA for me? I would truly appreciate it.

    5 months and counting...
  7. Happy Belated Birthday!
    Hope your upcoming trip is a blast!