Paris Haute Couture Week

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  1. I am going to the Dominique Sirop Haute Couture show tomorrow! I doubt they will let me take photos, but, I promise to fill you in! His designs are so "to die for" as the former assistant of Givenchy, his work is always so "wow"! :amazed: :love:
    chapeldesbeauxarts.jpg DSCF0110.jpg DSCF0115.jpg Ifan,thereforeIam.jpg
  2. oooh la la :P do share some pics
  3. Definitly, I will if I can. At least from the outside if not inside!:yes:
  4. I should hang around after, La Croix is showing at the same venue after!
  5. YEA you should hang around : )
  6. Have fun!

    I'm so jealous! :biggrin:
  7. Oh, lucky you!! I would love to be in Paris right now- and would love to see a Couture show especially after seeing The Devil Wears Prada! (Did you see the movie?)
    How often do you get to attend shows like this?
  8. Congrats! I have always wanted to see a show:love: .
  9. Cool, your very lucky! Enjoy it, and by all means try to hide inside the showroom until the lacroix show :ninja:
  10. I didn't see the movie yet! Not even sure if it is out in Paris, I have been so busy!

    This is the second time I have been to a Dominique Sirop show. The first time brought tears to my eyes, so, I will have to do my makeup accordingly! Honestly, there is something so magical about being one the few to see that kind of art in motion on a catwalk. After, when I saw the photos, it just sooooooooo was not the same, even though they were so beautiful in the magazine. There is something about the way the fabric moves, even the sound of the lining rubbing against the dress fabric. Magic. Ready to wear is wonderful to see ,as well, but Haute Couture, made almost entirely by human No words. Sacred.
  11. Wow, that's awesome! Enjoy the show and do tell us everything in minute detail.
  12. OH MY GOODNESS! SO BEAUTIFUL! I just got back. I went to Dominique Sirop this afternoon, and was suprised by an invitation to Gerald Watelet at the Georve V this evening! I AM DYING! INCREDIBLY beautiful! I have some photos at the Sirop show, but, I have none from the Watelet show, because my darn battery died! And you know, I have two, so I CAN'T believe I didn't bring both when I left this morning! Let this battery recharge, and I will share some photos with you!
  13. Wow, can't wait for the update!
  14. I promise to give you a full report once my head comes out of the clouds. Honestly, it was not at all like in the past, you know, beautiful, yet not things that you couldn't possibly wear. Everything was wearable! WOW!
  15. ^^^^^^^ oh wow jennifer, i can't wait to see the pics.. glad you had a good time :drinks: