Paris Haul-Reveal

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  1. My dream trip to Paris with my hubby to celebrate our 10 year anniversary was just so amazing. We have 2 little ones at home who stayed with Mimi (so thankful she could watch them) and left Wednesday PM, landed Thursday at 8am and left on Sunday midafternoon on 7/3-whirlwind trip but SO glad we decided to seize the moment and "just do it". We stayed near the Eiffel Tower which was a perfect location to walk everything including the Champs D'Elysees, the dinner cruise on the Seine, and tours including a bike trip to Versaille!. We ate such amazing food: pate, escargot, lamb, crusty french bread, melt in your mouth croissants, macaroons, crosque monsiur, and creme brulee! AND my hubby shopped with me at both shops at Chanel in Montaigne (while practically falling asleep on their sofa) and snoozed on Friday afternoon at the hotel while I went to the LV flagship store!!:heart::heart::heart: He is totally not a shopper!

    I knew that this was my chance with the Euro down close to US $, lower prices, and VAT tax refund so here is my major haul and on BAN ISLAND!!:P

    Beautiful boxes!

    I originally bought a DA Favorite MM as my first bag in February, realized that I wanted a larger size as my first bag, bought a DA Speedy25 and finally realized that I loved the Favorite so I picked it back up in Mono to be more versatile-MIF too (I made sure the SA got me one) ! And been dreaming and obsessing over a monogram shawl but just didn't want to spend the money on it after looking at the reviews and snagging factor. I bought a similar chambray one from the GAP as an alternative, but we all know nothing compared to the original dream:biggrin:!!! With pricing being so awesome, I pulled the trigger on the shawl in noir (originally wanting the blue but figured noir would be better for use at evening dressy events which I have always had trouble finding something to wear).


    And, I have been bitten by the Chanel bug :nuts:! I originally got a Trendy blue WOC as I came for the navy chevron mini square. But when I saw it in navy, I wasn't excited about it. So I bought a blue WOC to come home and realized it didn't match anything in my wardrobe. I shipped the WOC to Orlando and the SA had a black mini rec (amazing timing) and it was a done deal! I picked up the pink flap card holder in Paris and just love it! So pretty and puffy!

    Thanks for letting me share!!

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  2. Congrats!
  3. Congratulations! What a great haul! It sounds like you had an amazing trip too!
  4. Congratulations! What a beautiful picture of your Chanel bags. I love how you arranged it!
  5. Beautiful pieces and very nice to remember your 10 year anniversary trip to Paris. The pink flap card holder looks amazing!
  6. Wow congratulations! Such lovely items, the Favourite MM is so lovely!
  7. Happy anniversary! it sounds like your whirlwind trip was totally worth it, beautiful items, congrats!
  8. Fantastic haul! Enjoy!
  9. Congrats! Your haul is beautiful!
  10. gorgeous haul and happy anniversary!
  11. Beautiful pieces! Happy anniversary and congrats!
  12. Thank you everyone!! Just amazing time and can't believe I went from 1 vintage ALMA to 3 LVs and 2 Chanels 7 months later! :angel::yes:
  13. Congrats!! Lovely haul!
  14. What an amazing anniversary trip and shopping haul you had! Congrats on everything!!! It really does save quite a bit to buy there.
  15. What a great haul and trip! My husband and I are going to Paris in May when I graduate and your post got me very excited! Did you have a good shopping experience at LV? I've heard the Champs Elysees location can be a bit questionable.
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