Paris Has A very Bad Day + She Is Not Above The Law

  1. Paris' Bad Day :rolleyes:

    [​IMG]It's bad enough losing your car keys, but it's worse when you lose them while parked in the red zone. Add in a very professional traffic cop and some paparazzi, and you've got the makings of a very bad day for Paris Hilton.

    "She's not above the law," says the refreshingly fair traffic officer. "No one's above the law."

    Sister Nicky's plea "Can I put time in her meter for her?" misses the point -- Paris parked in the red, and all the quarters and dimes in the world won't get you out of that one.

    Eventually a friend comes to pick the sisters up, but not before that little envelope is tucked neatly behind her windshield wiper. Nice work, officer!

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  2. Good! LOL!
  3. The officer should have called a tow truck!
  4. LOL so funny
  5. she can afford to pay the ticket, no big deal.
  6. She and her sister are just so stupid. Where was the tow truck?
  7. Yay!!!
  8. nice work officer! :lol:
    i love it - celebrities shouldnt be able to get away with any more than we can. :yes:
  9. of well, just spare change to her.
  10. that is one proud officer!!
  11. alright, hope she learns!
  12. I don't feel bad about her getting a ticket- like she cares- but I do feel really sorry for her having all those paparazzi people in her face, mocking her and making a huge deal out of a mundane thing.
  13. The parking ticket fine will be pocket change for her. I doubt she'll learn anything.
  14. whoa nice ride.
  15. i bet the parking cop was bitter because his little girl is turning into a :censor: because she wants to be like paris. lol.

    sorry if my joke offends anyone, im a huge paris fan, but its sad to see little 11,15,16 year olds wanting to be like her.