Paris has 'a good pet'!!!

  1. I just love her Pet!!!:yahoo: kinkajou Baby Luv, the racoon-like animal, the pet, in fact, bit her on her left arm! She wasn't badly hurt but did visit a hospital emergency room to receive a tetanus shot!:roflmfao:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]


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  2. i thought she got rid of that?
  3. Nice PRADA clutch!!!:nuts::love:
  4. ... I am appalled at this. really. kinkajous are 1. nocturnal, 2. incredibly shy 3. not exactly what I would term naturally nice.
  5. I was just thinking that! Where can I find this now...
  6. I want a kinkajou.
  7. not to mention illegal to own in California.
  8. hmmm

  9. me too :heart:
  10. I love that Paris, self proclaimed animal lover, doesn't even know what species this animal is. She called it a bear like creature.

    #1 they are related to raccoons.
    #2 they do not make good pets.
    I get really tired of this notion of people buying exotic animals illegally and subjecting them to subpar care. Not to mention how they are trapped in the wild, parents killed, just so you can have your cute little whatever. Just because an animal is cute does NOT automatically make it a good pet. Do you have any idea how many exotic animals end up homeless or in a zoo or sanctuary because some irresponsible person purchased them on a whim cause they're soooo cute? They ALL end up the same. They get used to having people around then suddenly are rippped out of their homes because someone didn't like the way they suddenly tore their house apart or ended up biting them or how they scent marked the whole house and stunk it up? People treat animals like this as if they are disposable. Chimps are a great example. They're cute when they are small but the older they get, the more agressive they become by nature, I don't care how much time you spend with them. An adolescent chimp can tear your arms right out of your sockets. I'm sorry but this stuff just gets me fuming. If anyone wants to raise an exotic animal (that is legal) you better damn well learn everything there is to know about them before you do something so irresponsible.