Paris Greeting Her Fans Outside The Letterman Show !

  1. June 12th
  2. as much as I can't stand those two (paris and nicole) if I was forced to stay on a dessert island with one of them it would have to be paris. I just hope shes my shoe size.
  3. wow Paris has some big feet!
  4. Is that you Megs in the background holding a camera ?? :nuts:
  5. :roflmfao:
  6. She wears a size 11!
  7. ^^^ WHAT? I had NO idea!!
  8. LOL!!:lol:
  9. Paris has fans???????Didn't even know
  10. she looks great! i love the dress
  11. I love her dress too. I've seen her before at an event & she seems very nice in real life =)
  12. i read in UK glamour about this woman paparazzi, she said she never liked paris, until she met her and PARIS was REALLY NICE. she said she's the nicest celebrities she ever seen
  13. LOL
  14. She looks extra tall and skinny in that dress!
  15. I can't stand her but I do love that dress.