Paris goes to jail - more Chanel for us ladies...

  1. Looks like Paris is going to do some time in jail, might be only 45 days - but it is one less Chanel shopper to compete with...hehehe.

    Use the timely wisely - SHOP, SHOP, SHOP!!!:nuts:
  2. Thank goodness...her sentence needs to be longer....for fashion crimes!!!
  3. haha! I saw that too. She's starting sometime in june.
  4. Haha I just watched video of her after she got sentenced she was carrying a chanel!!!! Its priceless!
  5. :roflmfao: :lol:
  6. yeah, I saw that...well, where she is going - she will not be needing that.

    45 days to save all the Chanels from her grasp.

    SHOP ladies, SHOP, - if not for yourself...for the innocent Chanels....:crybaby:
  7. This thread has made me literally LOL! :roflmfao:
  8. oh boy. she's a train wreck.
  9. I bet she won't serve 3 days.
  10. Sad truth you might be right. About no jail time....

    I hope not - for the innocent Chanels!!! For God's sake save the Chanels....:crybaby:

    Her and Nicole R. are both DUI rats - they should put them in jail together and film a sad, sorry Simple Life In Jail with no makeup, Chanels, etc., etc.

    Of course compared to some of the stupid outfits she puts together - the jail wear might actually look good.
  11. It is good to know that spoilt rich girls are not above the law.
  12. I laughed when her mom said that she was being singled out for "who she was".

    Like if any of us peasants got caught for DUI and twice driving with a suspended license that we wouldn't go to jail? Time to come out of your ivory tower Kathy.

    And Paris showed up 10 minutes to the hearing? That doesn't seem smart.

    OK, rant over. :p
  13. And did you read that when asked if she read her ticket and report, she said "oh, I have people who do that for me." :amuse:
  14. haha very funny!
  15. hope it teaches her a lesson - but it probably won't. time she grows up!