Paris Fashion Houses

  1. Hey all [​IMG]

    I was wondering about the French fashion houses. I'll write out my little story first.

    I'm taking my long suffering girlfriend away in february for valentine/birthday celebration. Not that she knows where she's going! anywhoo she was complaining that one of her friends got to visit the french fashion houses with their university. Now personally im completly oblivious to fashion but she really likes it so i was hoping to take her to one/more of these fashion houses.

    However my questions are- Can just anyone go in?
    Does anyone have a website with more information on them? so far i've found very little.
    what the hell is a fashion house!?

    perhaps the last question should have gone first!

    So if anyone could help me that'd be great and apologies if this is in the wrong place. [​IMG]
  2. Do you mean to the ateliers for couture clients? The corporate offices? Or just the stores themselves?

    If you want to take her on a shopping spree, then just call the stores themselves and they should be able to accommodate.
  3. By the way, end of Feb is fashion week!
  4. I would take her to flagship Hermes and of course anywhere there is Chanel. Coco Chanel's apartment and original house are in Paris, there is a lot of history there so I am sure you can find a lot of things that would make your friend happy. What a great idea for a trip!
  5. I just thought i would mention that fashion house is just a fancy title for upscale brands. When one gets a permit to create their company they are baptized with the title of a 'house'. Hence Chanel is technically 'House of Chanel' Hermes is the same, 'House of Hermes', same for cartier, versace, gucci etc. thus they are fashion houses. Most people just call them from their last name because its easier. I think she just means visiting the stores themselves, which anyone is more than welcome to waltz in, just be aware that there may be sections or rooms reserved for the better clientèle. I doubt any house would let you into their workshops (ateliers) and corporate headquarters would ask you to leave unless you has a business dealing so its just the stores and any museums/historical monuments in the designers name. HTH
  6. This post is probably going to make me look stupider than the last one but here goes.

    Can just anyone go and do something/be involved in french fashion week? all i know is when she made me sit through devil wears prada and i just heard her listing off who everyone was/what they were wearing etc.
    I did try searching for fashion week- not just being lazy but all i could find was last years and a website which was last updated last year.

    Ah ok, so the fashion 'houses' are just the original places where they were designed? like the 'rue cambon'(sp?) for Chanel.

    That hermes place seems like a good idea- she likes bags!

    Her friend does a fashion course at uni, so i think she is being allowed access to a workshop or something. :smile:

    thanks for all your help so far :smile:
  7. ^ I'm not 100% but i would imagine Paris Fashion week (like the rest of the world) would require an invitation to the event. either media/celebrity, a company buyer or a good customer status is required. I doubt anyone of the street can be allowed entry.You may be able to apply to assist backstage in hair/makeup or dressing models.

    Rue Cambon is just the street (Rue means street in french) that the Paris Chanel Headwaters are on, Karl designs from here, some offices are there, Couture pieces a created and fitted and on the ground floor is a chanel store (i think)

    Good luck with getting into a workshop I'm sure you will have a blast and a great trip.

    p.s. I don't think you should put this much emphasis on learning and understanding the fashion industry in France. You friend won't (or shouldn't) neglect you for your ignorance if your not interested in it. I think the time would be better spent studying the country or cities you are visiting to put together an agenda, and planning all the other places you will go and visit, leave her in charge of the fashion if that is her forte.
  8. Hmm... The haute couture houses are very few!!! And they do not include Hermes and Louis Vuitton or most other celebre brands.

    Here's a list of HC houses (current):

    Adeline André
    Christian Dior
    Christian Lacroix
    Dominique Sirop
    Emanuel Ungaro
    Franck Sorbier
    Jean Paul GaultierJean-Louis Scherrer

    Foreign ones:

    Elie Saab
    Giorgio Armani

    However, you will not find the haute couture creations hanging around in the stores. If it's brand shopping she's after, I go for the regular stores.

  9. ^ if you want to see Haute Couture creations you will have to go to a museum. I know Givenchy has there own however i dont know where it is.

  10. Oh well that sucks, definatly no chance of the average joe just seeing something to do with it then? the problem is with the fashion thing is that this whole thing is a surprise that i only really plan on telling her when we get to the airport- wont leave much room for planning, thats why i was hoping on getting something sorted beforehand. We've been together now for a long time so this holiday is completly for her, i don't mind (no offence intended here) sitting through something i dont find especially enjoyable if she has a good time.

    Whilst she's into the brand of fashion she does like the history side behind it which was why i was hoping to show her something to do with that- not solely the shopping side if that makes sense? i might look that givenchy place up. Is there anywhere else like that?

    I just googled Paris Fashion Museum, and that is what came up. Look! I would take her there...It says there are some couture pieces on display. Also, take her to the Champs Elysee..there are some of the most notable fashion houses there!
    I ALWAYS buy a copy of French Vogue when I visit Paris...You should buy her one while you are there! Enjoy your trip!
  12. ^^^

    I was at the airport on the weekend and French VOGUE had pix of all the last fashion shows, that may be a fun one to get to read on the plane on the way over! Some magazine stores carry it, Chapters? (Not sure where you are located)
  13. Right, most likely you won't be able to get an invitation, but there are so many events going on because it is fashion week, you are just bound to "run into" an event. At the very least, store windows tend to be better or updated right when fashion week starts.

    PM me if you are in Paris during that time. I may be able to give you contacts for some events.
  14. That looks good and also reasonably close to where we're staying apparantly!

    the vogue idea is good as im supposed to be giving her little clues as time progresses so that could be one of the final ones. I'll have to see if i can order one from the internet.
  15. OK well that'd be good if i could take her to some event. We're going from the 27th to the 1st so im not sure if that is still fashion week?

    I'd definatly PM you but i think i have to wait a few more days before im allowed access to PM's but expect one (if you don't mind) when i can! :smile: