Paris = DUI = New Wine Commercial = Drama !!

  1. [​IMG][FONT=arial, helvetica, sans-serif]Paris Hilton causes outrage over wine commercial [/FONT]
    Sexy heiress Paris Hilton has caused outrage by starring in a wine commercial just weeks after being arrested for a DUI
    The 'Stars Are Blind' singer agreed to be the face of Italian wine-maker Prosecco and posed for raunchy photos to promote their sparkling wine range 'Rich' reports Digital Spy.

    However, road safety campaigners have been left fuming over the sexy ads, saying Paris is not suited for the campaign after her recent drink-driving scandal.
    Andrea Dan, the president of Italy's Road safety Society said: "She has just only been arrested for drink-driving and a few days later she is promoting an alcoholic drink. What sort of image is that?"

    The 25-year-old was arrested on 7 September in Hollywood after she was pulled over for "driving erratically" and failed a sobriety test.
    Paris Hilton was officially charged Tuesday with driving under the influence and scheduled to be arraigned Sept. 28 in Superior Court on charges of driving under the influence and driving with a blood-alcohol level of 0.08 percent, said Nick Velasquez, a spokesman for city prosecutors.
    Hilton is not required to appear at the arraignment, Velasquez said.
  2. Again - why is this chick famous?
  3. Wine in a can is about as sexy as Paris on the can. Sheesh!!!
  4. The law enforcement should set an example and follow through with this DUI and not let it go by the wayside! It wouldn't be fair for the rest of the World - just b/c your last name happens to be Hilton that you can get out of a ticket for drinking! If it happened to one of us, we would of spent the night in the slammer, posted bond and have 6 points on our driving record. Just b/c you are famous doesn't mean you can drink & drive!! I wonder what MADD has to say about this....