Paris Doesn't Pay Storage Fee.....

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  1. Found this while perusing US Weekly.
    "For failing to pony up $208 for her storage unit last year, Paris Hilton, 25, is paying a huge penalty. Her personal effects (including a copy of her passport) were eventually sold off and are being displayed on a web site (must pay to view).
    Items include:
    Prescriptions: Valtrex (to treat Herpes) and Hydrocodone. Both in Paris' name.

    Medical Records: In March 2003, someone named Amber Taylor (same birth date as Paris) had a miscarriage

    Videos: Paris being taped while taking a bubble bath; another vid of sister Nicky Hilton investigating the leak of Hilton's sex tape

    Love letters: Letters from ex Nick Carter.

    To-Do Lists: Among Hilton's goals "going to AA, talk to someone if I feel like throwing up...get a sponsor"

    UGH! Always something with her! Hasn't she heard of a shredder? They're only $20 at Walmart LOL
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.