Paris Demands $662,000 For Talk Show Appearence ! DENIED !!!

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  1. [​IMG]British singer Charlotte Church has a new talkshow in the works, and she wanted to book Paris Hilton for her first show to be aired this Friday. Instead of doing the show to, I don’t know - promote her album - and asking for travel fees and expenses, Paris demanded £350,000 which is $662,000.
    Church balked and said that the fee was akin to buying a large house and that they’d have to do without Paris:
    Charlotte, whose debut TV show begins this Friday on Britain’s Channel 4, said Paris wanted the “obscene” amount to be interviewed.
    She told Britain’s Radio 1, “We asked Paris to be on the show. I thought it would be funny to make fun out of her because she’s such an airhead but she wanted a ridiculous amount of money. Having her on would have cost us the price of a big house–£350,000. It’s pathetic. It’s not as if she would say anything earth changing.”
  2. I'm glad she got denied. Greedy greedy person!!
  3. why not just pay her...I mean clubs are paying her 1 million dollars for a visit.All she has to do is stay in the club for 20 minutes and she gets the money.

    By the way is this Charlotte the singer...who sang opera ?
  4. yup* same girl. shes HUGE in the uk
  5. Yes :yes:
  6. If people are willing to pay Paris...why wouldn't she ask/demand the money for an appearance?
  7. sorry but whis this comment miss church prooved to be the one and only airhead here :rolleyes:
  8. [​IMG] Charlotte Church
  9. That is a nice pic of her^^
  10. Charlotte Church? Her talkshow's rating must be DOWN! Maybe no one would want to watch her talkshow with or without Paris and MUST STILL BE DOWN! Lol
  11. isn't Paris already obscenely rich???????????
  12. That's what I thought! She is not worth $125 million or TRILLION! She must be a worth $1 dollar or $100! LOL.
  13. erm w/e i dont care for either.
  14. that's exactly what i was saying...I mean it's no surprise that she'd want to be paid to make an apperance on a talk show.I mean the girl doesn't do anything unless it benefits her in some way. I'm sure she wouldn't even go on David Letterman unless she had to promote something....basically she does things for her own personal gain.The girl is greedy!:rolleyes:

    wow, i would've never thought that Charlotte would have her very own talk show...I mean that's something people do later in their when they don't have anything good going for themselves anymore.Why is she doing this by the way ? Is her music career not doing well ?:shrugs:
  15. Ugh, I do not like either of them. Paris for asking that much money and Charlotte for saying what she did. :rolleyes: