Paris Crying Like a Baby

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  1. I'm dying to know where this picture was taken and why she is crying!

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  2. it was probably a movie still from House of Wax; yes?
  3. Yes, House of Wax. :smile:
  4. Yeah, its the scene in House of Wax, right before she gets killed. And no, I didn't see the movie, just MTV's Movie House special. Which is embarrassing enough.

    On a side note, is it wrong that when I saw that title I wanted to laugh? :unsure:
  5. No, not wrong - a totally natural reaction.

    Is it wrong that I avoid staying at Hilton Hotels because of her?
  6. LOL! Thanks for letting me know where the pic was from! :nuts:
  7. Ugh, the bf rented that movie a couple of weeks ago. I stopped watching at the part where that wax-faced guy comes and slits the ankles of Elisha Cuthbert's boyfriend. I couldn't take it :sick: I'm normally not too bad with scary movies, but this one was gruesome.
  8. Am I the only one who think Paris actually looks pretty and natural in the picture? Besides the face of terror?
  9. she has nothing to do with the hilton chain actually. Hilton carries their name, but that's it. The only truly family owned and operated chain is the Hyatt, which is the Pritzker family.
  10. Maybe they sent her the wrong bag !!!
  11. That picture is from the movie she starred in "House Of Wax" (:
  12. that part made me cringe! i usually love horror movies but that one was really hard to watch :sick:
    i just noticed all these old threads are getting pulled up from a couple months back haha
    i double checked the date because i was thinking wow this movie was from a little while ago lol :smile:
  13. I havent seen the film, not sure how good it will.
  14. That movie was horrible!
  15. lol, I heard the movie was horrible