Paris' crazy outfit

  1. I usually think she looks great...this outfit doesn't work for me though!:yucky:

  2. THAT's not even a crazy outfit. I used to work at Victoria's Secret and we used to sell these babydoll nighties with matching panties. It was kind of ruffled at the chest, and it came in a variety of colors.

    Paris wore that OUT to a CLUB!!
  3. boo! the pictures went away.. i'd love to see the lingerie that she decided to wear out as an actual outfit!
  4. Wheres the picture?
  5. Sorry, but she looks like a hooker in that pic - and a cheap one at that.
  6. can't see the pic.
  7. Okay, for the life of me I can't find it. But if anyone's familiar with Victoria's Secret's stuff, it was a babydoll and matching panty. It was ruffled at the cleavage and there was a ribbon tied under the boobs. We sold it in 2002 and it came in colors like lime (with a melon ribbon), melon (with a lime ribbon) and blue (with a pink ribbon).

    Anyone who finds it first gets a cookie!
  8. ooooh that's a cute set! i almost bought it but like most things at vickies, my boobs didn't look good in it.

    was it a club or one of the playboy mansion parties? they have lots of those lingerie pajama party things and that would actually be an appropriate outfit. :smile:
  9. can't see pics :sad:
  10. pic still gone!
  11. Yikes, her outfit has a lot going on. In a bad way.
  12. Are they back? I can see them. If not, I'll try to find them again.:sad:
  13. I've seen her Playboy party outfits and this one was DEFINATELY more covered up than that! From the looks of the picture, I think it was more of a club thing than a Playboy party thing.
  14. Can't see pics!
  15. Hmm.. I can't see the pictures either, but knowing her, I'm sure that its outrageous
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