Paris Chanel lovers...GST color availability?

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  1. Hi Paris ladies! Can someone pls tell me what colors are available for the looking for a black w silver hardware GST and a white PST. Also can you tell me how much a PST & GST is?
  2. black w/ silver is out there. gst=$1895. pst=$1250. white is a little more scarce. try a fla btq. white is year round here. i work with jillian in palm beach gardens. 561-622-2055. try your luck.
  3. thanks but i wanted to know the availability and price in Paris....
  4. I really want to buy a white PST before the price increase. Where can I find it? Could you let me have the contact email please?
  5. ^^ I don't have e-mail only phone...561-622-2055. I will call her and see if there is e-mail she has access to and let you know.

  6. Hello, I saw some white GST, PST and medium flap in Chanel San Francisco a week ago. You may try to contact them as well :yes:

  7. Thank you!