Paris breaks up with Paris

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  1. from First Look News:

    Paris Hilton confirming to Us Weekly that she has ended her 5-month engagement to Paris Latsis. "I'm sad to announce that I've called off my engagement," Hilton said. "Over the last couple months I've realized that this is the right decision for me. We remain best of friends and I'll always love him."


    Gee, who didn't see this coming - I bet she just said yes to get a nice ring out of it. That multi-million dollar ring is probably the most money she has ever earned.
  2. LOL Again not surprised...

    I kinda think she was just trying really hard to make Nicole envious. :smile:
  3. What happened, is Wilmer Valderrama back on the open market?

    God you know, I just read in Vanity Fair how PERFECT she thought he was too.

    Where was it that I heard that joke that britney and k-fed wanted to name their baby after where he was conceived, but they thought it was too hard to say "Olive Garden bathroom floor?"
  4. Anyone else see the celeb trend of babies without marriage and breaking up like switching shirts? I know break ups have been around, but jeeze. Marriage is not something little- and everyone out there is lasting a year tops.
  5. For my opinion , I really think Paris will engage seriously with Paris (herself) and mirrors which is a shame:hysteric:as she will miss out - but at least people will remain intact :wlae:..sorry not my favourite gal ...
  6. I totally agree, marriage ( I have had a failure etc) is something that you WORK on together and celebs seem to kiss someone in a movie and then it is " I do " without DOING much about KEEPING it and I was wondering -

    If Hollywood started making HAPPY films instead of Blood Guts Sex etc., DO U think the world may start to follow in THAT TREND :flowers: ??
    As we seem to follow like sheep as what is happening in Movies as " We are Being taught how " : to Kill, have sex (not Love) and anything else EXCEPT LAUGH?? any views?? Thanks