Paris Bombay

  1. Does anyone know the approximate price for a pm in black box right now?
    Just curious...not REALLY plotting anything.


    :whistle: :whistle:
  2. Mhmm.;) $4200, pretax if memory serves.
  3. ^ thanks, HG! You are the Hermes encyclopedia!
  4. I am waiting to see the mid-sized Paris Bombay next season ...:graucho:
  5. ^ what color do you want? They are adorable.
  6. Really, GT? :idea: That's great to know. So you have seen one already?! :P And the proportions/size is a good day bag?

    I don't know GT. What do you advise on colour and leather?
  7. ^ ooh, sorry - I meant the PB, in general is really cute. I'd think the medium would be a perfect day bag. I'd like the pm for a day-into-evening bag.
    I love it best in black box, although I'm seeing that they are in Vache Liagee alot, which isn't my choice of leather. :sad:
  8. Now that you mentioned Vache Liegee ... yes, my SA and SM were independently trying to warm me up to a Brique Vache Liegee indeed .... I have to say, the 2 tone on Brique really is stunning. It's just that the leather is stiff but it also means the shape will be preserved over time, like box. I actually cannot imagine Paris Bombay in softer leathers.

    Box would be awesome .... my choice right now would be choc or raisin. If I get any other bag in choc or raisin before the mid sized PB is released, then I guess my choice of colour would change!:sweatdrop:
  9. Oh, my GOD!!!!! My addiction to croc. is SOOOOO bad!!! mrssparkles said in choc! I read it as in croc.:roflmfao: I was like 'what! PB comes in croc! I read it again, it says choc. not croc.:upsidedown:
  10. ^ LOLOL! We know where YOUR mind is!
  11. In the swamp, GT! Her mind is in the SWAMP!!!!!

    Just saw the small PB in SF a coral-y color (didn't ask the actual color name) in VL. Seems a whole lotta stuff is coming out in VL.....not my favorite leather either. That and Epsom I tend to shy away from.
  12. Ha hA ha, aspen. You are a gone-case croc addict.

    Hey, are your croc bags coming to you soon?
  13. mmm PB!!!!:drool::drool: such a sweet bag!!! :heart:
  14. I am dying by waiting...! I seriously need another one before they arrive! I mean I LOVE my croc. shoulder Birkin, but I really want to have in regular shape croc. Birkins soon! Never enough...right:yucky: :upsidedown: ?
  15. ^^ aspen, would you please model your croc shoulder birkin for us here? I would love to see you use it.

    Sorry, back to topic.