1. Does anyone have a picture of a Paris-Bombay MM? My SA just called and is holding one for me, but I've only seen the small ones. Thanks!:flowers:
  2. I don't have a picture but congrats! :flowers:
  3. MM? There are 3 sizes then? I was told that it comes in only 2 sizes (BIGGGG one and PM small one). What color is on hold for you? Oh, this is exciting!!!
  4. If there is a mid size I want to see it as well! Help.
  5. Hmmm....maybe I misunderstood her on the cell phone today (I was driving and was so excited by the call!). The large one might be too big for me -- but, I'll see on Tuesday. If anyone has pictures of either size, I'd love to see .....
  6. I am still researching for you! Actually, La Van posted pictures before with her PB with her carrying it. I could not find PB being carried by someone for size comparison. I found pictures with only a bag by itself...I am sorry that I am not that helpful here...
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  7. The large is quite large, but it is still lovely. You just have to be able to carry off that size.
  8. the large one is somwhere between 35cm-40cm on the base, the small is 28cm...hope this helps
  9. That's what I'm afraid of - I'm 5'1" and don't want to be "overwhelmed" by my bag! Well, I'll try it out on Tuesday and let you all know if I take the plunge!!:yes:
  10. Funnyredhed, that is so exciting!
    I think the large PB bag is like a slightly smaller JPG Birkin bag.
    I'd try it on and then know that you can always get a pm if it seems too big for you.
    What color/leather is it? Keep us posted!
  11. I am anxious to hear on this one!
  12. Well, ladies, I had to pass on the large Paris-Bombay. It just was too big for me -- 49 cm is very large. It was absolutely gorgeous though. Black chevre jhansi with a natural veau crisp (I think) lining. Speaking of large -- Boston also had two 50 cm Birkins today. One was Vert Anis and the other was either Vermillion or Rouge H -- it was on top of the shelf and I couldn't tell which shade of red from afar.
  13. 49cm!!!!! that is huge!!
    did you like the pm size bombay?:rolleyes:
  14. Funny....the 28cm should work out quite well for your size I would think....49cm??? Holy Cow that's a big one! What's up with all these really large bags? Saw a gigantic Birkin not too long ago in SF too....
  15. I did like the PM - it's quite a lovely bag, and not as small as I expected it to be. Boston had a gold/palladium PM and I tried it - I may still get it, but am also thinking about a Garden Party......and Boston had all different colors today.....:girlsigh: