Paris Bombay?

  1. Hey girls, Merry Merry. Any thoughts on the Paris Bombay? Was in SF H last week, and actually worked up the nerve to ask to see something in the case. They had a Lindy, which doesn't appeal to me in all it's slouchiness. But there was a bag that I'd never seen before. The SA was pretty new (3 wks), but absolutely so nice. He said he thought it was a Paris Bombay bag. Kind of like a JPG, only with a zipper. Around $4200. I got to walk around the store with it, show it off to DH, who almost choked when I told him how much it was. Now I can't get it out of my head and was wondering what the experts here at tPF thought about it. It was blue jean. Thoughts to share ladies?
  2. Hi, I think Bombay is not a popular bag. In Hong Kong, I can see Bombay in nearly all H stores (total 6 of them), even in ostrich (which is rare to see on other H bags). Do you have any H bag? If you don't have Birkin or Kelly, suggest you to save up the funds for it. Birkin and Kelly are H signature bags.

    Bombay doesn't look quite H to me. Unless you really like the style, or else not really worth spending so much on it. This is just my point of view, hope it helps!

    Good luck with your bag hunting!

    Merry Christmas to you too!
  3. I wasn't a fan of Paris Bombay up untill this very morning when I saw this pic (courtesy of Fesdu =). It looks like Fuchsia Ostrich Paris Bombay to me and I think it is absolutely fabulous :love:
    The reason Paris Bombay is not very popular is due to the fact you actually have to play it right to make it look gorgeous. It is not your iconic Birkin or Kelly, it is a very understate bag but so classy IMO.
  4. i for one love it in the mm and gm versions and actually it is apart from the jpg the only shoulder bag i can pull off(believe me i have tried countles times with others). it is my little wiener bag :lol: but it requires some thoughts or else it can look funny in the bigger sizes the small one is more care-free to pull off
  5. I :heart: The Paris Bombay ~ True Elegance!!!!

    & That, Too Lilach ~ Which Makes It Super Adorable!!!;)
  6. I have the Birkins and Kellys and love the Paris Bombay, own 3 of them after buying my first one. It's easy to carry and get into. I have many Birkins and about 9 kellys (some never worn). I like the Bombay more for those days I don't wish to fight with opening and closing my bag. I find things fall out of a Kelly, a pain to deal with. The Birkin if left open makes it easy for anyone to get your wallet. It happened to me this fall. A few years ago wearing a Kelly on my shoulder with the strap in the city, was unhooked from the strap and gone. I get bruises on my arm from the Kelly handle. It's the status of being seen with a Birkin that makes others avoid buying anything else. I'm a collector of Hermes bags and own mostly Birkins but wear many styles and wear them more often for just normal errands. I think the Bombay in Croc or Ostrich in the pm size is smashing. I haven't been able to find one in Ostrich and only have seen them in pictures.
  7. lilach, is it not true that the Paris Bombay is one of the key re-launches next year because it's the Year of India?
  8. I think the PB is a gorgeous, elegant bag, easy to carry and very underrated. I tried a large white PB in Bal Harbour and was ga-ga over it, but couldn't bring myself to purchase the white (it'd be black in no time!). I've been thinking about buying the small size in raisin boxcalf...someone posted a pic of it somewhere on the forum and I can't get it out of my mind.
  9. It is a toss up. Save for a birkin, or get something that I don't have to wait on and can start using right away. The SA did mention that it is easier to wear over the shoulder than most of the other bags. Since I'm usually carting around 2 little boys, I thought the shoulder thing worked in its favor. Plus DH looked at me on our way out of the store and said "So is blue the color you want?"! Also it had 3 different side pockets inside. Very handy!
  10. I love this bag and will probably make this my second Hermes purchase (the Jige was my first). For me, the style and shape lends itself to my lifestyle better than the Kelly or the Birkin. Down the road, those two will work, but for now, the Bombay is calling me. I really do love the shape. That's why it's wonderful to have choices, everyone can be happy. :yes:
  11. I think you should by whatever makes you happy. If it's a paris bombay vs. Birkin/Kelly, so be it. It's whatever that suits your tastes and lifestyle. After all, it is your $$$, not ours. And the last thing I want is for you to go home w/ a bag that you thought you SHOULD get as opposed to another which tugged at your heart. Buyer's remorse at Hermes is tough pill to swallow.

    With that said, I think that the Paris Bombay a fabulous bag. Chic and functional at the same time.

    And congrats on receiving awesome help. Looks like you found the new SA who just moved over from BV. The gals have been whispering about him for quite some time now.
  12. hmmmm...I had never given the PB much thought, although a shoulder bag is one of my requirements. Next time I'm in SF, I'll have to check it out (although your blue one is safe from me!)
  13. Exactly my thoughts. Good for you, LVCG for finding him!
  14. Yup, that was him! He was so nice! And as he was showing me the bag, another woman came into the store, and right away he gave her a big hug and he told her he'd been there from 3 weeks and mentioned BV. He's quite a find! We were there on business, but we should be going back every few months. Which is awesome since I live in Maine, and never seem to make it down to the Boston H. I got his card and hope to be able to call him and tell him to stick it in the mail. It was still in the case when I walked by before we left.
  15. ^yay, yes you must! He is super huggy and he honestly makes me forget he isn't a *real* friend.