Paris-Bombay white?

  1. I am afraid that it will get dirty so easily. But I love Bombay bag. Should I just buy it, or keep waiting for the color I want? White is amazing color! I am just concerned about practical part due to white color. Getting both might be too much? I know Bombay is very popular bag right now. But I am not too sure if it is worth as an investment as Kellys and Birkins...
  2. What color were you waiting for originally? I don't think the Paris-Bombay bag has little feet on the they?
  3. I think it depends on what you will use it for. If I recall correctly, you have quite a collection so you probably won't be using it for daily use...I think the whites are beautiful - but for me they would be seasonal only and not very practical...
  4. I love the white - so fresh and chic for summer. If this can be an occassional bag that you can be careful with, go for it.
  5. I totally agree w/ Greentea. It would be a PERFECT summer bag. Go get it!
  6. Aspen, you have so many other gorgeous and practical bags to use when you need, well, practical bags! :smile: It's time for something whimsical and totally impractical!!
  7. I LOVE THE WHITE!!!! Go for it !
  8. Thank you everyone!
    Greentea- ":smile: It's time for something whimsical and totally impractical!!"
    You are so funny!:biggrin:
  9. Go for it, I love white too. So sexy and fresh! I'm sure the only maintenance for a white bag is by giving it a once-over gentle wiping after each use.
  10. White is lovely and I have many other bags and this will be great to use here and there. Don't worry about the investment it if you love it!
  11. Get the white!!!
  12. White is beautiful in all seasons. It would look amazing in the winter wearing all black!!
  13. i agree with the lovely ladies above it is a stunning bag but i would not consider it as an investment as it is too new and we need to watch how it will establish. i you can afford it to loose money on it and you truely love it get it or look for another white whimsical bag out there that is a tad cheaper ;)
    what about a plume or bolide in white btw ?
  14. That is a beauty!! Thanks Tokyogirl!!