Paris Bombay or Victoria

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  1. Help!
    I can not make up my mind.
    I already have a Birkin and a Lindy and they are not black so I do
    know the colour I want, but Im so lost if to go for the Paris Bombay or the Victoria bag, originally I was sold on the Bombay because I love the way Daphne Guinness wear hers but then I saw the Victoria bag and got confused. What do you think, and why? Have anyone got any of these bags?

  2. I love both bags! What a hard decision.

    What size Paris-Bombay were you thinking of getting?

    I prefer the larger 37cm Paris Bombay over the smaller sizes because it holds a ton of stuff (you could even use it as a travel bag). I love the Victoria's because they are so light-weight and easy to get in and out of. To me, the smaller Paris-Bombay bags look a bit more "formal" than the Victoria. Definitely try on both if you can :smile:

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    I wonder what size this one is? I did try both. So perhaps it's easier to get away with the Bombay as an evening bag too.........
  4. Oh sorry not sure how to post pictures.
  5. Is this the pic you are referring to?

    It looks to be the 35cm (or perhaps smaller) Paris-Bombay to me.


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  6. IMO, they are 2 totally different bags. I would love a Victoria for travel or when I need a big bag. But I would also love a smaller Paris Bombay. I love the east/west look of them and would use them for dressier occasions. I am not a clutch person. I don't think the larger PB would suit me.

    So it depends on what "hole in your bag wardrobe" you need to fill.
  7. Ranag thanks for posting that picture.

    At the Bond St Shop in London they say the BP comes in two sizes 27 and 37. And that they seldom get black^^ They do have the Victoria in 35.

    Irishlass Im not really trying to fill a hole I just want something I can use for a bit of everything, like you I think I would perhaps use the BP for something slightly dressier too.
  8. I love my Victoria bag. It's a great everyday bag.
  9. #9 Sep 29, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 29, 2010
    The Bond Street shop is forgetting about the 35cm (mid-size) Paris Bombay size.

    I never used the smaller-sized PB's that I had, so I saw no point in keeping them (I am a big bag gal for everyday use).

    The black PB is very pretty though! :heart: It definitely could go from day to evening wear. The Victoria's, to me, are a much more casual bag. I would not consider them an evening bag KWIM?
  10. I would have to say Paris Bombay I love the shape and look of the bag it's very unique and also very put together .
  11. Victoria for me.
  12. two very different bags but i'd go for the victoria. saw a beautiful etoupe vic at my doctor's the other day.
  13. Victoria all the way!
  14. It's funny because I don't think they look all so different, aside from the Victoria being a bit taller and without the sticky out bits...........
    Think The Victoria would not work to take out in the evening?
  15. The Victoria is very good for traveling or a purse for the office. PB - I have no experience. But when I have the choice I prefer the Victoria.