Paris Bombay on Bluefly

  1. i don't know what i'm doing up (considering i got 2 hours of sleep last night), but i decided to troll bluefly and lookie what i found:


    the fact that it looks like box calf and is $2880 made my heart race. it's described as being 13" wide -- is this the pm or mm size?
  2. is this even real?
  3. which one of you bought it?:graucho:
  4. Wow- that's so gorgeous! :drool: I've never seen a PB in anything other than epsom
  5. It doesn't look like box to me in that pic.
  6. ^ ditto. I just saw the tiny version IRL just the other day and the sheen was completely different.
  7. maybe it's swift.
  8. i don't think they make the p-b in swift (too soft) -- i believe only box, vache liegee and epsom. here's a closeup of the leather -- i don't think it looks like vl or epsom, but it could be wishful thinking on my part. we shall see...


  9. kicks did you purchase it? :smile:
  10. guilty! and i just received it. good news: it is indeed box (my fave). the bad news: it really is tiny (bluefly describes it as 13" wide but that includes the pooched out sides, so it's really more like 11" wide. one bummer is that the bluefly tag (which you have to leave on to return) is attached to two handles so i can't really open the bag (though i did peek inside and the leather is really nice). will take some pics later.
  11. kicks if you do a search you can see somewhere how much this bag holds - I had a small red one and loved the size and it truly held quite a bit! Good for going out or anytime - it opens WIDE which made it nice - I kind of wouldn't mind one in black lol!!!
  12. bloody camera is broken again so no pics (forgive the brit speak -- just watched a gordon ramsay-athon). shoes, i did check out la van's pics of her p-b and while i agree that it holds more than it seems, i worry that overall, the bag might be a bit too dainty for the likes of me. you said you had a red one -- can i ask why you let her go? my dilemma now is that due to the bluefly tag, i can't even put my things inside to (1) see if they will fit and (2) get a better idea of what this bag is like to carry. decisions, decisions.
  13. kicks, I have one just like it and love it! It will hold what I put into my Birkin 30 although, of course, the PB is a little smaller.

    As for dainty....don't worry about it! Because it's smaller, you won't run into things with the Birkin. You can hand/hold it and guide it in front of you as you walk, or hold it up close to you or even under the arm.... leave the top unzipped for easy access ( you'll love love the interior ) when you are at your desk or at home.

    Of course this is how I feel....and if you feel differently, then.....but it's a neat little bag and mine is black box calf too!
  14. Here are a couple of interior pics...

  15. I only let mine go because I had 3 red bags at the time...quite honestly I would love it back (not in red though lol!)