Paris-Bombay bags

  1. I know Hermes stores won't ship Birkins, but will they ship P-B bags? I'm looking for a black one.
  2. Madison ave has one in PM size it's black box, beautiful and stunning. $3,800 They do charge ships for these.
  3. pr1 - as of last Wednesday, SCP has a black Epsom pm on the floor.
  4. Don't get me started on the PB bags...I love them!!!!
  5. Hi ladies, since this thread is here, I figured I'd ask....

    Some of you know my SA at Boston is going to try to get me a Paris-Bombay bag. I was wondering how does that whole ordering thing go? I mean, I know they order twice a year, and the last one was July right? So, when should those bags come in? Also, I saw the pics of a black one and orange one in the pics thread, but does anyone have it in any other color?
    Also, I'm trying to see if I'm catching on....Would togo be the most inexpensive leather in this? And the vachee li(sp.) would be the most EXpensive? Thanks for the help guys!!
  6. Baggaholic has one in gold I is vache liegee...yep, that is one expensive leather.
    LaVan has one as well in black I believe. I think in epsom. Someone may want to confirm that if they know.
    I am sure it is many more colors now. I just don't know all of them. Initially it was only in a few colors.
  7. not sure these even come in Togo (could totally be wrong here. Never seen one). Personally, I'd choose a more rigide leather to retain that cute barrel shape. Epsom, box and Vache Liagee would be nice!
  8. Now, the prices vary by leather right? Well, I think the one I saw was Epsom in Gold. Of course, I didn't like the gold color, so I guess I could have a long wait!!!
  9. Hhhhmmm, I believe orders placed this July will start coming in next spring. To date I have the PB in epsom, box, and vache liegee. The structure of the bag required a rigid leather as some has already posted.

  10. Wow! It takes almost a year before an order comes in?? Wow. What colors are your bags? Are they all different sizes? Thanks!
  11. Oooops, sorry about the typo. I actually don't own a PB. That should have read: I have SEEN the PB in..............
  12. ^^ Oh, that's okay!! Have you only seen black, orange, and gold, or any other colors. I know some ladies are waiting for a Blue Jean one, I'm not sure what other colors there are going to be in this next shipment.
  13. ^^^^^I have also seen noisette and ebene.
  14. ^^ Yes, my SA is going to try to find me ebene. What color is noisette, is that like a light brown? Also, I guess she is going to see what comes in with the new shipment. But if you've already seen ebene then maybe she could find me one before that!! I hope so!!! I also saw this soooo cute little Evelyne in Blue Jean when me and shoes319 went to Hermes and that little bag is calling my name I swear it! I cannot stop thinking about it....but NO, must wait for the PB before I get that little bag (it's not very practical).
  15. Noisette translates to hazelnut. Everytime I see this color I'm reminded of nutella. It a golden brown color.