Paris Biarritz Tote Spring/Summer 2007

  1. Hi,

    I just purchased this tote in Black about a week ago when it was launched. It's not in the same league as to the classic flap, coco cabas, luxury line but it's such an easy to use bag. It came in black, gold, silver/white combination all w/ silver hardware.

    It's been selling like hotcakes here at the Chanel boutique. Here is a picture I got from the internet. It's exactly like mine. Am still learning to take post good pictures and it's night time here so lighting is bad.
    paris biarritz.JPG
  2. congrats anna!:yahoo: would love to see you model it, when you can!:yes:
  3. Congrats! Looks like a great bag that can hold a lot! :yahoo:
  4. Congrats Anna!!!
    I have the same bag and I LOVE it. My wonderful S/A called immediately and I was able to purchase the first P-B bag in the West Coast Region!:wlae:
    Enjoy your bag~~~
  5. Penny and I both have this bag and we are very happy with it! I use mine as a briefcase-type bag, when I have to carry a bunch of extra things. I still use my regular purse on my shoulder. I plan to use the Paris B in the summer as an overnight bag.

    You will get lots of use out of yours... and I'm sure you will love it! :yes:
  6. I am really liking this bag. Great choice.

  7. I am loving this bag more and more...........and for anyone may not know, the whole bag is stain treated and water resistant i was told this by adorable SA Kerri at Chanel Palm Beach Gardens when PinkPetunia and I met there!!!! btw, Pink is a beautiful young woman who looks like a debutante - classy and sweet. (with amazing blonde hair)
  8. Congraultaions !!! I really like the stictching of this bag :smile:
  9. congrats. great bag.
  10. Great choice, I really like it too. Congrats. =)
  11. Congrats!
  12. Congrats- very nice bag!
  13. One of my favorite too! Congrats! I would lo~~~~~ve to see you with your new baby!!!