paris biarritz tote, pls dont tell me it is croc! pls!

  1. [​IMG]

    i love love love this bag and I want this exact style and color.

    please tell me it is $995 and not some crazy price like $900,000
    LOL i am exaggerating but I'm just hoping it is one of the small tote bags and NOT MADE OUT OF A CROCIDILE
  2.'s croc. and i read somewhere that it's about 30k
  3. omg. its the one thats 32,000

    no :'(
    lol thanks for telling me though, i will get the large tote bag.
  4. yep it sure is!
  5. i will take 5!! haha lol
  6. yes, it's croc! the biggest one is 45.000, i herad this would be 30.000 something...
  7. OUCH! :push:

    I don't normally like exotic skin bags but I would SOOOOOOOO buy this one :drool:

    if I ever win the lottery, that is :biggrin:
  8. same here, i m especially fond of the large one, if only they make it in regular fabric !
  9. I'm IN LOVE with the huge one, if i ever become a millionaire that baby is coming home with me hahaha
  10. wow - nice