paris biarritz small tote

  1. i want this purse, but cannot get a hold of chanel people in the store! Anyone know where i shoud turn to??
  2. My NM had a bunch a few weeks ago, I can give you my SA's info if you like, or I'll be there Friday for a Chanel luncheon and can check for you.
  3. Is that the 1275 one? I saw one in beige & in black at my NM in Boca the other day. You can try my SA there. Let me know if you want her info.. Happy Hunting!
  4. CHANEL at Nordstrom Mall of America has the gold and silver available.
  5. By chance, is this the size that you are looking for? Sorry if I am way off- I am not too familiar with this line. If this is the right bag, Nordy's downtown Seattle had it recently. My SA, Maggie, emailed me this photo and she can answer any questions you may have. Happy Shopping!!! [​IMG]