Paris Biarritz Prices Please!!! *Pix*

  1. does anyone know the retail prices of these??

    what the price of the bag on the right of this pic?

    what's the price of the big tote on this pic?


  2. Ahhhhh, I was just in Chanel yesterday and saw these bags!!!

    The top picture, the bag on the right (the tote) is $995 (If I am remembering correctly, and I think I am).

    I do not know the prices of the other ones. But they're not leather, they are coated canvas.
  3. ahh thank you! if anyone else happens to know the price of the other one, please lemme know :nuts: thanks!

  4. top pics...

    A34205.... SGD $1850 (US$1213) country px is higher...can u use the above ($995)as yr guide...

    A34208 ...$1680 (US$1101)

    2nd pics

    A34210...$2450 (US$1606)

    A34212...$ 750 (US$490)
  5. what is the material made of ? is this durable ?