Paris Biarritz *pics*

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    01.jpg 02.jpg 03.jpg 04.jpg 05.jpg
  2. more
    06.jpg 07.jpg
  3. WOW..Im speechlesss...................................I want...
  4. I :heart: them all!! Did anyone see any at the Trunk Shows? Or is this part of Act II?
  5. Prices on any of them?
  6. I dont remember seeing this at the trunk show
  7. Wow! Can't wait to see them in person (assuming my local store gets some in)!!
  8. I have never seen irl...what material are they? I want the first one!
  9. ^Ditto! Do you think it's alligator?
  10. I want the first one too!
  11. The first one looks like an exotic skin!:drool: BTW, is that Diane Kruger (sp?) in the first pic?
  12. The first one is TDF!
  13. I'm sure the first one is mucho $$$ more, but the second one (the large black one) was around $1450 and is all synthetic/fabric according to my SA.
  14. #4 for me, please. :drool: I would love to know the price as well.
    Thanks for posting, misschaslyn!
  15. I saw the 2nd one at the trunk show. It was some sort of fabric/nylon material?? I think the first one is croc/ SA was talking about it but it wasn't at the trunk show. Looks gorgeous though! Thanks for posting!