Paris-Biarritz line is made of waterproof canvas or alligator, Chanel says

  1. I called the 1-800 Chanel number and spoke to a representative about the Paris-Biarritz line. She said that the bags are made of "waterproof canvas" (not leather) or alligator.

    Then I specifically asked about these item numbers from the pics that Jill had posted earlier:

    TOTES--A34210, A34211
    SHOULDER BAGS/HOBOS--A34205, A34206, A34207

    The Chanel rep said that they are all made of waterproof canvas, except for the one that comes in an alligator version.


    In addition, this is what another member, PennyD2911, wrote in another thread: "My S/A called from the Bellagio this evening to tell me the first Paris-Biarritz tote had arrived.... He explained the tote is rather large and the canvas is done in such a way as to look like leather. He thought it was leather until he touched it."
    PB 1 from Jill.jpg PB 2 from Jill.jpg
  2. I think this explains why the line is relatively "inexpensive" by Chanel standards.
  3. Thanks for the heads up!!
  4. ^There seems to be some confusion.

  5. Agree, speaking of a Chanel handbag $1475.00 is inexpensive. Speaking of a canvas bag, $1475.00 is very expensive. Buying canvas versus leather for $1475.00 is something that others may not be able to reconcile to. For me I was OK with the canvas and liked the look of the bag and wanted to add it to my Chanel collection. Besides the only LV bag I ever purchased was made of canvas. Yes, I do believe there was some confusion over the materials used in this bag, thanks for the post.
  6. Thanks for clarifying this for us Cosmo! I was really confused about this too.
  7. Hmmm... I still think they look really nice, but yes, now the price makes sense. I'm bummed they won't be available in leather.
  8. I never thought I would fall in love with a canvas bag... but this one is gorgeous.
  9. I saw the first bag in bronze at the boutique and it is BEAUTIFUL!
  10. I was a the NM trunk show in Chicago yesterday and got to see and feel the Paris-Biarritz bags. Yes they are treated canvas and if I had to compare them to a bag I would say they are similar to the the LV monogram but softer. Seems very durable.
  11. Thanks for the info!
  12. FYI - the alligator version according to my S/A - $43000.00 USD:wtf:
  13. Cosmopolitan... thanks for the info!