Paris Biarritz large tote

  1. Can anyone please let me know where I can find it? Im looking for the paris birritz large tote in grey black or gold Id love to find the grey or gold especially.
    Help I really really want it!

    Thanks xx
  2. Anyone please?
  3. seriously anyone...I know its a long shot but noones seen it at all??????
  4. Yeah, I think the old style ones (the less shiny canvas) are totally gone now. I had someone want to buy mine in the boutique a couple weeks ago. LOL. They pop up on eBay though, every once in a while, if you are willing to go that route.
  5. Im not big on absolutely no paritz biarritz bags then?
  6. the paris-biarritz line is still shown on the chanel website. maybe you can call your nearest boutique to enquire?
  7. yes, I think you just have to get Chanel to locate one for you, the line is still around....
  8. Is the large one the biggest? or does it come in Extra large/ i saw a lot of this in HK Chanel. esp at the aiport.
  9. Call to Chanel in Vancouver BC Canada
    They have them in the Hastings boutique, as well as in Holt renfrew.
    Or atleast they did two weeks ago!
  10. thank you...may I have the number please?