Paris-Biarritz Large Hobo??

  1. hey ladies...
    i am interested in the p-b large looks very similar to a ysl nylon hobo i'm going to be getting soon, but i am wondering if any of you can give me a price on the well as dimensions>?? i need to know how it compares to the ysl because frankly i do like how the chanel looks a bit more.... :ninja:


  2. I am not sure of the dimensions, but I believe the price is 1475.00. I really love the Paris-Biarritz line.
  3. sorry, i can't help with info about the bag but i like the chanel more too!
  4. I would get the Chanel. You can get he PB with the side pockets or without...without the pockets it's $1295. It's around $1495 with pockets. Very cute though!!
  5. The more I see this bag, the more I like it. I think it would be a great work bag.
  6. thanks everyone! :smile: