Paris' BFF's (Kim Kardashian) Sex Tape

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  1. Paris' BFF's (Kim Kardashian) Sex Tape
    TMZ has confirmed the existence of a
    raunchy sex tape starring Paris Hilton's best
    friend Kim Kardashian and Brandy's brother
    Ray J -- and we're told the tape is leaving
    Paris high and dry.

    A source tells TMZ that he previewed the
    tape, and several porn companies are
    lobbying for rights to sell it. The tape includes
    various sexual acts, including oral sex ... and
    without getting too graphic, water sports.
    Someone who saw the tape tells TMZ Kim is
    wet and wild.

    TMZ spoke with, who offered
    Kim a staggering $2 million for exclusive
    rights. SugarDVD, the largest renter of adult
    DVDs online, has also told the socialite's
    representatives that if Kim signs the deal,
    they will also make her the official
    spokesperson for their company.

    SugarDVD has also requested a meeting with
    Kim and Paris. They believe that Paris is
    against the deal, one of the reasons that
    Kardashian has not yet sold the tape. Kim
    Kardashian, who has a fashion consulting
    business, is the daughter of OJ Simpson's
    late attorney and best buddy, Robert
    Kardashian. Paris Hilton's revealing sex tape
    "One Night in Paris" sold almost a million

    Calls to Kardashian's rep were not returned.

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  2. OMG, who buys these things
  3. Maybe she will sell it on eBay.
  4. Figures.
  5. I'm scared to ask but what does "water sports" mean? I hope it's not what I think it is.:yucky: :push:
  6. Am I the only one who kind of wants to see it? Mostly just to see if her boobs are real. LOL. And what "water sports"?
  7. haha!

    They look real to me....she's very curvy. She has a gorgeous face!
  8. Yah, I'm just jealous. She's very pretty.
  9. lol! I bet Paris is jealous! lol! Oh my gosh, and I bet a lot of people will buy the tape! What teh heck is water sports!?
  10. ha ha .... putting Paris second.
  11. Water sports is urine fetishism.
  12. eeewwwww....
  13. Yikes!!! That's what I thought. Yuck!:throwup:
  14. They mentioned this on a local radio station and hearing she was getting peed on really grossed me out! EWWWWW....
  15. woo hoo i'll rent it. LOL