Paris be Warned!!

  1. The Jills are going to Paris!!! :yahoo:

    Jill and I just booked ourselves a trip to Paris for November 2-6th! Hehehe! Someone better warn all the stores we're coming!
  2. DUDE...Im sooooooooooooooo gonna SHOP TILL I DROP...LOLOLOL........IM SOOO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(Phh is SCARED!!!!LMBO!)
    Just keep the Martinis away from me Jill..I still have a headache from them...hee.hee.
  3. You guys are leaving just as I arrive! I get there on the 9th!
  4. ^AWE! Bummer...That would of been WILD to meet up in Paris...
    Roo-You gotta send me a PM of places to go....I know the Riviera way better than Paris..LOl..I need all the help I can get!!
  5. You guys will do fine. Important tips for shopping:

    -Galeries Lafayette and Printemps have a 10% off card for tourists. When you go there, go to the welcome desk and show your passport and they'll give it to you. It's not good for a lot of designer labels but it may help for other stuff. Also if you spend 150E in one day in the store(s) you get the VAT refund.

    - If you go to LV in Galeries Lafayette ask for JESSE. He's nice

    - Be VERY VERY careful about bringing stuff back. You allowance for customs duty-free is only $800. If you lie on the declaration and get caught, they seize the stuff and fine you.
  6. awwww so much fun!!
    i wanna go to paris too!!:nuts:
  7. As for places to go, since you won't be there very long, take one of the half day tours of the City so you can see highlights of all the sites. Then you'll have more time for other stuff. Since you will be there on a Sunday, none of the stores are open. I'd recommend you visit the Marais, which is the old Jewish quarter of Paris. All the boutiques there open in the afternoons on Sunday. To get there take the Metro to the St Paul station. Exit there and walk up rue Pavee to Rue Rosiers. Turn Left onto R. Rosiers. Also on that block is a fantastic falafel place.

    I would also recommend you visit the Angelina tea room on r. Rivoli near the Louvre and Tuilieries. They have yummy hot chocolate.
  8. Roo--I just printed out the Expedia 10 % off coupon for that!!LOL! read my mind!
    I remember the customs allowance(last summer) was higher..wasnt it?Cuz I bought WAY more than that(800)...and got Vat back..

  9. Ahhh, you got me with the yummy hot chocolate! Eee! I'm so excited.

    Roo! I wish you were going to be there! Boo hiss!
  10. You can bring more back if you are traveling as a family, because you can combine the exemptions. If you are just by yourself, it's about $800.

    I would suggest you ladies get the Rick Steves guide book off Amazon so you can read it, it will have maps, etc. The city is big so you'll need one to get your bearings. Also the subway is great and pretty safe. Just do not wear expensive jewelry and watch out for pickpockets.

    Where are you staying?
  11. Hope you all have a wonderful trip!
  12. ^yep- I went with the family..that why!!LOL!oh crud..what do they charge for customs fees?
  13. Another SUPER important thing to mention: many CC companies charge a conversion fee of between 2-4% if you use the card overseas. This is ON TOP OF the poor exchange rate. Be sure and check with your CC companies to find out if they charge this, because it will add onto your purchases. I know that USAA cards don't charge a fee and neither do some Capital One cards. Also if you have a Bank of America ATM card, bring it with you. Bank of America owns BNP Bank in Paris. You can use your B of A card in any BNP cash machine with no additional fees incurred. Most other banks will charge you.
  14. ^yep-I have one card that does charge to convert-I found out last year in Nice France..LOL

    My Visa debit doesnt charge thats good
  15. Good, good. Most people learn this the hard way when the bill arrives! If you want to PM me the place where you're staying, I can tell you if it's a good location.