Paris Baby Names...

  1. :shocked: Oh Lord...Hopefully she'll name her daughter Paris Jr. or else my name will be dragged through the


    Paris Hilton an aunt? That's how the heiress sees herself in relation to the baby Nicole Richie and Joel Madden are expecting in January. Paris says she was psyched when Nicole and Joel broke the happy news to her.
    She texted me, 'There's something I need to tell you in person.' I had a feeling what it was. She and Joel took me to dinner and said, 'Pregnant!' I was so excited. She looks gorgeous and so happy. Nicole's like my sister, so I feel like the aunt.
    The single 26-year-old, who thinks the couple will be "great parents," has been outspoken about her baby dreams and already has plot out her ideal family plan, which may also include adoption.
    I love babies. I want to get married in two or three years and have a baby. I'd like three or four. I want a boy first so he can protect the daughter.
    The plans don't end there -- Paris has names picked out too.
    If I had a child, I would name him London. I used to have a cat named London. I like the names Annabelle and Paris Jr. too.
  2. as if paris as an aunt isn't scary enough! she wants to have kids? LOL. well i guess no one could be a worse mom than britters.
  3. lol yeah i know brit's a scary mommy
  4. i still think she should NOT procreate
  5. I don't really think that Nicole is more ready for a baby than Paris would least it looks like she is trying to clean herself up and make herself healthy for her new baby...fingers crossed
  6. ^^^^^

    Ita !
  7. She's something else....
  8. you think? god help us if Miss Paris works on being preggie...
  9. I think that too.
  10. I think the world would agree.

    PARIS JR? Poor child.
  11. I think Nicole could be a loving mom, but Paris?! Eek! She'll probably carry the baby in a LV Dog Carrier to the newest clubs or something.

    And to be named Paris Jr is also a punishment...
  12. Paris is actually perfect auntie matieral. Spoil them, love on them, then give them back.
  13. How did I guess London, LOL..