Paris Arrest

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  1. When I was watching the footage about the Paris Hilton arrest on Inside Edition, when they showed her sister Nicky arriving at the police station she was carrying a really nice Chanel tote. Did anyone see that show and can tell me the name/style of that bag. I really liked it and I want to see about maybe getting one. Thanks!:flowers:
  2. I saw that too, but I wasn't able to get a good look of the bag though cause she kind of ran across the screen. I think I still have the footage on tape. I'll see if I can get a better look.
  3. what did she get arrested for ? Prostitution ? Indecent exposure ? Having sex w/ a minor ? LOL . Or was it just the Fasion Police ? I'm sorry , I just cannot stomach that girl . But seriously , what did she get arrested for ?
  4. supposed DUI. but she was just taken into the station but was not charged.
  5. Yes , i need to shut up now because I just got one of those beauties last year . ( embarassed )
  6. ^^^ hmmm dui= beauty?????

    i dont get it.
    whats beautiful about getting a DUI?

    IMO, its dangerous, stupid and irresponsible.
  7. I think SophiaLee used the work beauties in a sarcastic way. It's a U.S. thing! :biggrin:
  8. The bag Nicky had was either a black/silver hardware or navy/silver hardware Grand Shopper tote. My mom saw it on tv and she goes hey I recognize that bag!! Lol.
    Here's mine (navy/silver).
  9. It was a joke .

    Don't forget expensive !

  10. Im from the us, Ive lived here my entire life :angel:

  11. Thank you. I really like that bag and I'm going to check it out tomorrow perhaps at Saks and see if I want to get it.
  12. I hope you like it! It's a great bag (LOVE the zippered pocket in the middle). :heart:
  13. Oh ... one might think you should have a firmer grasp on the english language then ! It was a joke . :yes:

    And thank you so much for sharing your profound opinion on DUI's , not that I asked .:rolleyes: :rolleyes:

  14. LOVE the navy!! Lvbaby do you know if the black comes with silver hardware, I've only seen the gold