Paris and Nicky Hilton In Tokyo

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  2. Nicky Hilton looks really nice in those pics..
  3. Both are very cute, not sure about the pink Paris has on, Nicky looks beautiful! I like the shoes and bags. Great pics!
  4. How fun!
  5. they both look very nice.
    the pink tights are not working for me though...
    LOVE nicky's shoes
  6. SO adorable! Love them both tons! :smile:
  7. Both look cute, minus Paris' pink tights.
  8. So that explains why Nicky was spotted at Chanel boutique in Rodeo Drive recently. The shoes!
  9. they look cute!!!not sure w/ the pink, but it reminds me of Barbie :confused1:

    just noticed that they carry the same bags/ diffrent colors!!!it's sister always want to do that! but im not
  10. they look cute :smile:
  11. they look cute. paris looks happy. and not her fake happy.
  12. nickey looks so cute. Paris would look cute as well if she took of those hot pink tights.
  13. yep, i think so too.
  14. what in goodness name is on paris legs? looks like she was kicking her feet in pepto bismal

    kudos for nicky again for having the better fashion sense, and i love her chanel heels.
  15. paris looks cute, most japanese are crazy about bright tights.