Paris and her 4 chis and her LV

  1. Her chis are left to right, Tinkerbell, Harajuku B****, Tokyo Blu and Bambi.
  2. So cute!

    But she named one of her chi's "Harajuku B**ch????
  3. Ok...totally didn't read the header right - thought it said '4 chins'!
    I was like, "What? She's not fat!" lol :biggrin:
    Anyway, cute puppies.
  4. they are so adorable!!
    a woman at my brothers office has the most adorable Chihuahua named ella and she has a little yellow knit sweater with the easter bunny on one side and on the back it says "somebody loves you" so cute!!
  5. i forgot i snapped a picture of ella last time i was at the office.. it was with my phone and i think i have the settings wrong lol so it's small but you can see her!
  6. ella is adorable!! and so are all of paris' chis :love:

    i'm thinking about getting a long-haired chi sometime in the future. Anyone know anything about their temperament/personality? I've heard they're pretty hyperactive but not as much as poms :shame:
  7. ella isn't longhaired but she isn't that hyperactive. i mean she keeps running around playing with toys and loves to be pet/held but she doesn't bark or yelp much. they definetely love attention and will get very sad/depressed and sometimes sick if they're left alone alot so make sure if you get one it can either be with you or with someone most of the day
  8. Ella is a doll! :smile:
  9. the dogs are tiny, how can she carry them all at once without them wriggling away!
  10. I love her chihuahuas!! Especially the third one that's super fluffy... she's gorgeous! (I'm assuming Paris wouldn't put a pink dog tag on a male chihuahua :lol: )
  11. Awwww I think she looks better just because she's near such cutie dogs.
  12. The dogs are SO CUTE and that bag is OH SO GORGEOUS!!!:love: :love: :love:
  13. I have her bag in red -Irvine:love:
  14. Oh cute pups!
  15. after seeing all the darling little dogs y'all have and post on this board, they are so growing on me. i like the fluffy one... :smile: