Paris and Eva get new deals for new year

  1. It's been a big day for celebrity shilling: Eva Longoria will become the face of Bebe Sport's spring/summer ad campaign, which launches in March, while Paris Hilton will debut sportswear and lingerie lines (which seem interchangeable in the heiress' personal wardrobe, but that's another post) this fall. While the often loungewear-chic-clad Longoria seems a perfect match for the trendy Bebe line, i'm not sure people are clamoring to emulate Paris' fashion sense. What do you think?
  2. I love Eva's style..not too fond of Paris but whatever. :smile:
  3. sense?????????????
  4. Yay!! More money for Paris!!!

  5. i don't really think i'd like paris's new lines.

    eva does seem to suit bebe more then the current OC actress
  6. ^^ ITA Eva... I like Eva a ton better for bebe
  7. I can't wait to see Eva's ad. Mischa's ads are so pretty.
  8. Good for Eva.. that will be really great I bet
  9. Good for Eva.

    I just wish Paris would just GO AWAY!
  10. No more Mischa Barton? I like Eva and i don't mind Paris much. Can't wait to see their ads
  11. Can't wait for Eva !!
  12. yaicksss! why paris hilton? :wtf:
  13. yay! for EVA! :yahoo:
  14. :heart: them!
    && bebe!
    good for eva! =)
  15. I don't wear BEBE... :s