Paris and Chanel...

  1. My best friend has job training in London for the next few months and will be traveling to Paris during her stay. I have a few questions - how do the prices in Paris compare to the prices here? & How do we go about claiming the VAT and such?

    I am just wondering b/c I may have her pick me up a few things if it saves $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  2. I was there in June this year and you won't save as much with Chanel as you would with other brands. Basically you'll save on the tax (your state tax rate) and maybe another 5% on top of that depending on the exchange rate. Savings nevertheless! The VAT process is as follows:

    1. Get a VAT form from the retailer (Chanel) and have them fill in details about what you bought
    2. Get a stamp from the VAT desk in the airport (France) - you will need to show them the bags so they can see that you actually have them
    3. Mail VAT form in airport post (depending on whether you want a cash refund or credit on your card, it may take up to 2 months to get the money back)

    Hope this helps!
  3. If you claim the VAT back, does it eventually save you money? I am so confused???
  4. The way the pricing works, the amount you pay after you get back the VAT (~11%) is maybe 5% less than the USD price you'd pay here. This is the first component of your savings.

    The other comes from the fact that you don't have to pay state sales tax (just customs which is ~3%) so that is the second component. Thus depending on your state tax rate you're saving 5-10% ALL IN.
  5. Thank you so much... you explained it very well.... I haven't been to Europe in ages!!
  6. i'm pretty sure vat in france is 19.6% so it should be a pretty significant saving.
  7. If she is travelling from terminal 3 or 4 , I am not 10% sure which one, there is CHANEL in Heathrow and there the VAT is already deducted for you so it is simpler, you just buy it around 11-12% cheaper! Of course there is not as much variety as Paris stores but they do have enough bags!
  8. Chanel in Heathrow? Are you kidding? I never saw when I was there! I saw Mulberry, Dior, Burberry and Escada shops, but never Chanel! I would spent a lot in there! LOL
  9. You're very welcome - good luck!
  10. Its in Terminal 3.... good to know... thanks