Paris and Britney Do Newsweek

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    [​IMG]Believe it or not, Britney Spears and Paris Hilton
    "shine" on the latest cover of Newsweek. The
    February 12th issue features Britney and Paris
    under the caption, "The Girls Gone Wild Effect."
    No, it's got nothing to do with Joe Francis. They
    talk about how Young Hollywood starlets like
    Britney, Paris, Lindsay and Nicole party all night,
    and wear no underwear!

    I think Newsweek should have featured a better mor important articel than this two!

  2. you have got to be kidding me - how ridiculous!!!
  3. oh god.. no commment
  4. I guess they are giving the "news" in Newsweek a very broad definition. :hrmm:
  5. :oh: Why. :s
    This is not newsworthy stuff to promote, IMO.
  6. i think it's actually an interesting subject to look at, as long as it's done in a professional way (which newsweek is usually pretty good at). i've seen plenty of girls here go out to bars looking basically like they do, and some of them aren't college students like i am - a good number are local highschoolers with fake IDs that think that this is what normal people do on a saturday night. possibly i'm in a unique situation to see the effects of this aspect of popular culture, but i think it's a valid thing to explore.
  7. If I wanted to be entertained with those two, I'd the National Inquirer instead! What a poor cover choice!
  8. I guess nothing else in the world was worthwhile to talk about...
  11. I think is hot couple!
  13. Slow news I guess..
  14. Omg!
  15. A mother of 2 kids and her rack is out for the world... not my style