Paris - All Saint's Day Nov 1st

  1. Hi,

    Does anyone here know if the shops, shopping malls, museums are opened in Paris on All Saint's Day? What about other parts of Europe like Belgium? I am planning my trip and would like to find out if the shops are closed that day or if not, what is usually the store hours?

  2. I will be in Paris at the same time, and all larger stores/restaurants/cafés in the one digit arrondissements should remain open as usual. Since it is a public holiday I would guess the museums will be closed but sometimes one or two of them will stay open so that folks can visit. I remember that the D'Orsay was open one year on that date, but you should check the individual museum websites to see what their status is.
  3. Exactly. You can go to and check out all the museums you are interested in seeing (for every museum it's written at the bottom of the page on which holidays it's open). I'm positive Louvre is open on November 1st though :smile:

    As for stores - most are closed on holidays (especially little boutiques), but again check their websites. The big Sephora of Champs Ellysees is I think open (that one is almost never closed).

    Enjoy! :tup:
  4. Roo and Princ3ss, thanks for your info! :smile:
  5. No problem. If you've got any more questions about Paris just send me a pm and I'll be happy to answer them :smile: