Paring down the Chanel or when Chanel is made redundant!

  1. Recently I realized I had about 3 pairs of Chanel shoes in my closet, which I put up on eBay and sold. I just wasn't wearing the shoes and couldn't justify them taking up space in my closet. Plus, I had just got another pair of Chanel shoes, okay two, that I was wearing every day and just didn't see any reason to keep the ones I wasn't wearing around despite the fact they were Chanel.

    I only have one handbag, the mini-reporter and one totebag, a Paris Biarritz so I have no excess of them. However, if I did and wasn't using them I would think nothing of consigning/ebaying them. I use my Chanel items on a daily basis and don't reserve them for special occasions so that might be one reason I don't like to keep what I don't use. How about you? Does anyone else have such a ruthless approach to their Chanel items?
  2. Well, I have about 20 different pairs of chanel shoes (but also have a lot of manolos, louboutin, gucci, diors, D&G, pradas, guccis and so on and on and on) -- I rotate. I like having options. I also rotate in terms of handbags. I may use my white classic chanel today, and use my gucci tomorrow, and so on.

    So my approach is more like --- I wear whatever I feel like it in the morning. I don't really "reserve" anything for special occasions. I just wear whatever I feel like wearing that day.

    I wouldn't really sell anything unless I started hating that particular brand and I couldn't stand owning it.
  3. fr2nc1z~~wow ...maybe u should show a collection of ur chanel shoes! I want to see...and maybe I would start falling in love with the shoes~
  4. I want to see too!
  5. That shoe collection is very enviable! I thought I was doing good with my collection but clearly I have a long way to go.
  6. I have this approach to everything.
    The DH and I tend to move a lot and the one thing I have learned is keep NOTHING you don't truly need. I am not a collector, I keep only what I use.
    So I tend to have the 'staples'; a black bag, a brown one, white, etc. . . .
  7. I definitely have a lot of STUFF, including handbags and I am really trying to drop it down to the items that I really love and really use.
  8. I hold on to everything, I would love to sell some things, I recently found bags and shoes never worn. I wont do that anymore. I used to collect fragrances and they all collected dust , so I gave them away. I think if it were Chanel I would have to keep them though, unless it was something I really wouldnt ever use then I would think of giving it away or selling.
  9. The only Chanel items I think of selling are earrings from the 80s and 90s I have many and I work at home, so they are sitting in their boxes in the drawer along with a pair of sunnies that are unused. I've even kept my high top CC tennis shoes that I am too old to wear.
  10. gosh i pack things up to give/sell, but i can never let them go, thinking i can get one last use out of everything
  11. If your not using something you should just let it go, i wish i followed my own advise, i like to keep my things just because at on point i wanted it bad enough to get them and they mean something to me
  12. When it comes to bags and many pairs of shoes, I don't get rid of them. With that said, I am one who is pretty anal about having variety. I have brands that I love, but I try not to purchase too much from one brand b/c I know myself well enough to know I'll get bored eventually.
  13. I try to rotate my bags sometimes.. just plain laziness does gets in the way.. hence changing them every fortnightly only.