Paring down my wardrobe

  1. I'm paring down my wardrobe this year.

    I want to be able to travel around in the world for at least a few months -- Shanghai, Milan, London, ?? out of one roller suitcase. (And one carry on, but I'll save that for my laptop and other random things.) I may go to all the fashion weeks too.

    What is the minimum amount of clothing I need?

    Please help! ([vogue], that means you!) :flowers:
  2. HAHHA! i am so honoured that you mentioned me! ;) flowers back to you. Hmm, let's see what you ACTUALLY need. I'm ignoring whatever winter stuff cos it's bloody heavy. Also, considering that you're not going to be working or anything, it's dress down dress down dress down, right?

    Bottoms (2 pieces):
    Jeans and smart trousers. Jeans in your most flattering cut, be it bootleg or skinnies. A true blue colour would be the best as they go with most. Smart trousers are for pairing with shirts in case you wanna go to some classy restaurants.

    Tops (8 pieces):
    3 vests, 3 t-shirts in white/blue/black, 2 shirts in white/black. Ok, basics are the best in this case. I'm assuming that you want to look ultra mod and are going for a very clean and sleek look. (it's a look that i strive for as well, but for guys, naturallly. haha)

    Others (2):
    1 trench in beige/black to take you from London eccentrically mod to Milan's fashion forward pack. 1 tailored jacket/blazer to take you from smart-casual when paired with jeans, to chic when paired with the trousers. (insert: are you sure you want to live out in a tiny roller suitcase? my head's bursting just thinking about it!!)

    Accessories and whatnot (6):
    Shoes- high heeled pair of boots that hit below the knee, 1 pair of stilletos, 1 pair of sexy sandals, 1 pair of flats.
    Jewellry- you won't be needing much. a simple diamond pendant necklace, diamond studs and diamond ring would do. i wouldn't bother with any coloured jewels.
    Bags- 2 is enough. 1 tote that you can use for day and still look perfect. 1 smaller bag that you can run out with if you need to pop down the shops for a spot of shopping and stuff, and for night, duh!

    Phew. that's all so far. Do you need help for the beauty part too? -faint-
  3. Thanks, [vogue]! (I'm going to PM you my list so far....)

    I don't think I can actually live out of a tiny roller suitcase.... I get a headache when I think about it....

    Someone told me to bring nothing except for an Amex. Ha ha. But it's true, traveling is best done without luggage....

    Another problem is that I am sick of black! But it's true that it is the most versatile....

    And I absolutely need dresses and skirts. I hardly ever wear pants and jeans! It's dress up dress up dress up (but not formal). To me work clothes are dressing down! :biggrin:
  4. Ok. Got the list. let me know how much stuff can be stuffed into that suitcase of yours! i hope it's one of those gigantic suitcases. you have no idea how much stuff i had to bring when i came over to london for studies. hehe.
  5. You're studying and staying in a place for 4 or 8 month blocks, of course you bring a lot of stuff.

    My list isn't huge. I have random pieces of jewelry and "underwear" listed.