Parents - what did you get your child for..


Dec 11, 2006
^ cute! glad to hear I am not the only one who thinks a savings account is a good idea :smile:.


May 1, 2006
United Kingdom
ahh I adopted a Panda, and an orangatang for my childrens first birthday. They didnt need anything, and hey,how many kiddies do you know that can claim to own their own elephant ;) lol

The money goes towards the conservation and help of the animals and they send a cuddly toy version of the chosen adoptee too :smile:


I Love Summer
Jan 4, 2007
I love how much thought you put into this. Some friends and I were laughing the other day at me because my dd, who just turned two got NOTHING from her dad and I! Isn't that terrible!!?? She's our 3rd child and by the third you're thinking that between gparents and aunts/cousins, etc., they get enough! We did NOT think that way w/our first! ha!! (and, I couldn't decide what to get her so we just said forget it...she doesn't know and she has enough...of course, they're all boy's toys because of her brothers...poor baby!)


Sep 30, 2006
Austin, TX
I would maybe get something that could be kept for a long time. As in, I would go for a really nice picture frame or keepsake that you can tell him later was his first birthday present. But I am really in a sentimental mood right now!
:yes: This is a really good idea.


Dec 11, 2006
mshel - thanks! well, it is my first so you see... ;). but, my mother has been always been like this with both me (1st) and my brother, so i guess i am just taking over. if I told that i decided to not bake a big cake but rather a million different varieties of cupcakes... (and I HATE baking). also, i got little gifts for everyone and of course they are colour coordinated...

but seriously: I love giving presents. not just for my child but everyone I care about and love. I can obsess for hours and days, just to find the right and perfect thing for that person.

I also wanted to say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE the red waggon. will have to see if we find that over here. also,same here, my son already has too many toys, to the extent that I have taken them away bec he can't handle all the overload. (thus the savings account..)
Feb 13, 2007
Not really a gift idea, but...
I bought a special birthday hat for my daughter's 1st birthday and she has worn it four years in a row. I LOVE the pictures of her in the same hat each year and it REALLY shows us how much she has changed.

I also keep a baggie with an invitation, list of everyone who attended, pictures, etc for each birthday.

I write letters to each of my children on his or her birthday describing the year.

We give each child a small gift and put money in a college account each year. They get so many toys/outfits so I try to do special, meaningful things instead.

I am not one to cry often, but I cry EVERY year when people sing happy birthday to my children! It's so emotional to me to see them growing up and things changing....enjoy those moments!


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Aug 25, 2006
lara, aside from the Tiffany pendant I got my daughter we also go the little red Radio Flyer Wagon and the Push Car buggy by Little Tykes. She really, really enjoys riding in those. We take her to the Zoo in the wagon because it can carry coolers, etc. It's a great gift!


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Jun 29, 2006
for my daughter's 1st b'day, i gave clothes and books as she likes reading. for my son's 1st b'day, i got him a little tikes climb&slide castle cause he just loves climbing and can't sit still . saving account is a nice idea though...we opened saving accounts for the children soon after their birth.

wagons are great gifts, esp. useful in the summer too =D. the children love riding in it and it can be used for a quite a few years.