Parents - what did you get your child for..

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  1. their 1st birthday? input much needed, as I don't just want to get another 'toy'.

    the idea so far is that we will open a savings account to not just randomly spend amounts of money on stuff he will not use after 2 months, kwim? same goes for grand-parents etc.

    but I still want to get a gift I can wrap. we wanted to get a bobby car at first but a friend of mine is getting that now.

    would appreciate your input :yes:
  2. One of the gifts my one year old son loved on his first birthday was a set of alphabet/number blocks that were in a little wagon.

    The blocks were primary colours and were wood so they were really durable and he used the wagon to help him walk around since he was still a bit unsteady on his feet at that stage.

    He used them all the time!
  3. Boy or Girl?
  4. boy, sorry for not making that clearer. but hey, I would also like to know what parents got for girls - might be something possible for either.

    yeah, i thought something along the lines of 'educational', kwim? i mean here they have everything bi-lingual now - german and english. crazy but hey that's how it is nowadays, i guess.
  5. The saving's account thing sounds nice. What does your son like? Does he like Bob der Baumeister (Bob the Builder) or anything like that?? How about getting him some Bob der Baumeister sandbox toys (does he have a sandbox???).

    Or what about a Xylophone! They'll drive you and your hubby nuts, but they really are great for kids (IMO). Books are always good too (I think it's great that your son is bilingual, I was as well as a kid - still am).
  6. I would maybe get something that could be kept for a long time. As in, I would go for a really nice picture frame or keepsake that you can tell him later was his first birthday present. But I am really in a sentimental mood right now!
  7. I like the idea of something that lasts a long time - that is sort of the idea behind the savings account. the picture frame is nice, maybe even a silver one?

    he doesnt have a sandbox and at the moment I think he would rather eat the sand.... we are thinking to get a swing set but this is in my parents' garden as we will be moving away soon.

    I was even thinking a kid's tape recorder so that he can start listening to baby tapes and later kid's stories etc. we loved that when we were small, especially on car trips. drove my father crazy, all the kids' tapes, you know liek detective stories etc. haha.

    will have to check round the toy shop probably.
  8. Hmm, this is a very difficult question because the parent's taste may not be a baby's taste and probably he wouldn't care anyway what you give to him.

    I wouldn't know what to give my child for her (yes, it a her) 1st birthday either: would she be interested in a savings account or my Ecuadorian junk bonds or my weapons-grade uranium futures contract, LOL?

    But I have a lady friend who is very smart because when everyone gives me the stuff for a new born baby she is giving me the gift set for a one year old that can be used until the baby is 3 years old (I am giving her a benefit of doubt that she did not just go to the shop and randomly point at something, LOL).

    Well anyway here is the set (personally I think the sterling silver toys are a bit OTT though :sweatdrop:):

  9. You can get a great silver picture frame and piggy bank or something!

  10. I totally agree with Megs. I think picture frames or some type of keepsake is a great idea. Also something that he can have to play with, perhaps not keepsake worthy, but something to make them smile. I have no idea what we bought our kids for their one year birthday. Wish we had done something smart and long lasting.
  11. I got my son big soft blocks like these:


    He really loved them, and still plays with them sometimes (he's 7!!). Now he builds ramps and drives his cars around them.
  12. hey Bee....Bee, congrats on the her! just to say, he may not care about the savings account now, but he will when he gets older and he has money at his disposal. I sure loved the savings accounts I found when I got a bit older. i agree, he may not care whether he gets one toy or another but you can tell already now what he won't even give the time of the day... LOL. kids, eh? btw, the gift set you got is brilliant - although sterling silver toys will most likely be just for decoration. it seems brightly coloured plastic is considerably more interesting..... honestly some is just too awful for words, but hey I am not the one playing with it. and yes, your friend is very smart - I much preferred gift sets that were for later bec they grow too fast. I won't get him clothes though anyway, that is really a gift for the mummy :smile:.

    Merika - the building blocks are brilliant! might suggest that to the grandparents, if we can find those here.

    so I will look for a nice picture frame, maybe a piggy bank to represent the savings account - and a brightly coloured, noisy, bi-lingual plastic toy - LOL.

    thanks for your suggestions so far, love to hear more!
  13. I have a little girl. I got her a Tiffany Elsa Paretti Cross and also set up her 529K Savings Plan. Oh, and we threw her a huge, huge birthday party.
  14. we got these for our first child 21 years ago. he loved them and i still have them in the wagon too! his younger brother also used them.